on some next

do da do do do…

oh Helllo,

The whole world is covered in snow and I’m high on egg nog.
Me and Marian ran around in it and drew giant shit with skull faces
and snow walrus (walrie?) using our feet.

A couple day ago me and TV’s Steve Rolston hit up some comic stores to
fatten my comic book larder that I sleep and plot on top of.

I got–

DESTROYER and Steve’s new book (thanks dude)

And a Power pack graphic novel and fucking Warriors of the shadow realm.

The core of the Power pack book is about small town runnaways that get preyed apon on the mean streets of 89 NYC.
The theme of the book seems to that there are safe places for runnaways to go. Then the villan, the big purple Grimace looking McD playplace morbidly obese vampire cyborg named Cadaver runs a place for runaways. so it’s a dice roll, you either get a safe clean spot that takes care of you or you end up getting your life force sucked by an evil cyborg and there’s even some real world numbers in the back for the places to go if you’re a runaway, or maybe if you’re a gambeling man and just want to play the odds.

I was thinking that the Power pack kids parents have to know what their kids are up to. Marvel needs to do a book like their shitty Illuminati books but with the Powers parents and Aunt May and all the family members of superheroes in a suppot group helping eachother pretend like they don’t know. “I’ll come in and Peter will be on the celing and I just look around like an idiot and say, I guess that sweet boy isn’t back yet”

And check out the name of this tough street gang on dudes jacket:

this is awkward. Do they know what that means?

The Shadow realm book isn’t my all time favorate Buscema (CONAN) but it’s awesome just to see him do straight up fantasy. I really like the title page with a demon bat holding a crossbow.

That is how you open a comic!

And I also got this Alfonso Font book that IDW put out in english.

It’s awesome that some good french stuff is out again. I was getting worried that the best was marvel just going to trickle out disapointing BD.

I really dig the loose but brilliant way Font draws:

ok, I wanted to show some of the comics that I’ve seen some of my pals working on for next year.

James Stokoe’s WonTonSoup 2 hyper wonton soup 2
twoton soup. The quickening 2


It’s pretty much done. I’m writting the intro for it this week.
The shit that james does in this is nuts. It really buries the last won ton under a ton of crazy.

Marely Zarcone’s Black circle

James ladie’s black magic…the darkest magic book. It’ll be in color when it’s out. I’m always impressed by Marely’s ability to lay out pages.
She’s on some crazy girl manga science.

And Maian is drawing 3 issues of Elephantmen that Richard Starkings writes. Here’s one of the covers.

This and hopefully her 140 page Beast graphic novel will be out in 09.
Also me and Marian got maried a little while back.
so wooooooooo! We’ll have some big party/art show thing to celebrate next year.

And over moochas Steve showed me some of the Russian ghost comic that he’s doing for Oni. I like a dark Rolston book.

and my Russina were wolf epic Multiple warheads.

first issue is in the can when I feel far enough ahead to keep it out regularly I’ll send this off to press. And yes I think a letters collum.

Back in this year my pal Sheldon Vela has been doing some rad stuff with his supertron on zuda

heh heh I like that behave slap.
You can read it RIGHT NOW

and he does an impressive band comic on here:

Here’s another rad Sheldon drawing:

And my old Meathaus pal Jay Sacher has been running a web comic I like
doughnutts and coffee and wit.


and because this isn’t long enough here’s some stuff out of my sketchbook
just sme skeezas:

thank you and goodnight.

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