with the soul of a poet.

I love this fucking Starriors picture.
Deadeye: a blind robot dinosaur with the soul of a poet.
why is his scout a deaf mute? That’s like a one armed drummer rising to the occasion.
Def Kricket.

Anyway, hello dudes.

X mas was fun, I haven’t really done anything this christmasy in years.I always think about a Years ago when me and David spent an x mas day in a parking lot seeing who could flip a shoe higher and then we went back to my place and watched some T2 with Jacob. Good times, but this year was even better.

Marian got me Pajamas with her mysterious creature sewn into the pocket. I’ve tried not to put on real pants since I got them. It’s pretty easy since the outside world is an arctic wasteland.

I also got this 90’s Kyle Baker KRS-1 comic. BREAK THE CHAIN

It came with a tape you read along to
and everytime you’re supposed to turn the page it says “word”
It’s like it was made for me.
I’m slowly making my way through it and the Dr who x mas special.

There’s a Kyle Baker animated video for it here:

My pal Jacob came up from dicecat propper to visit.
Marian also drew me an awesome t shirt with a walrus on it and her and her family got me lots of camix to read (american flagg, Eerie, Ganges)

Here’s Marian’s Elephanmen covers with the logos on them.

And one of the pages:

She draws good and she’s pretty.
She’s just started her 3rd issue and when she finishes that they’ll all come out.

I’ve been puttering along on my books, I tried to work through x mas but it slowed me down.
made me weak. christmas is my thundranium. Here’s a couple drawings I did of my friends for their books.

Gentelman sex bandit James Stokoe, from the introduction I wrote to his next, Wontonsoup 2

And the bio picture for Mal’s next Scott Pilgrim Vol 5

Scott P is wearing a sharknife zz sweatshirt. REPRESENT!

It’d be cool to do a series of portaits of comic artists.
Call it Indoor kids and draw everyone sitting at their desks.
or not.

I was thinking what a dangerous road it is when you start thinking you’ve got too many grand ideas. I guess that’s what turns writter/artists into writters (the worst thing that can happen to you in my book-but don’t tell anyone I said that.) I might’ve mentioned it before
but David wrote me in an email about how the ideas are just raw iron ore and it’s the work that bangs it into shape.

But I understand the temptation.
Right now I know what comics I’ll be drawing for the next 4 years. man, it’s like some addiction that you just have to take one page at a time.

My pal Claire has these tiny japanese printings of Murakami books in english that make me want to write a novel whenever I look at them. But there’s too many comics to draw.
“no time for love dr Jones”

I was looking at a bunch of Japanese sites that have fan made comics on them.
I have pipe dreams of doing something like that someday–
I like these–

Girls and robots and that secritive menacing dude.

And some more 80’s Dirty pair stuff off of http://www.japantale.com/dp

Man, I would draw so many Kei fan comics. It makes me think of the comics that
ran in the back of Outlanders issues about joji manabe only wanting to lust after the
Kei, eat and sleep. A fine life.

I’ve also been looking at a lot of Richard scarry art. He’s Scarry good.
Look at how happy the dog in the red car is that he’s about to murder the trafic cop.

As I’m typing this I’m listening to the Proof song “forgive me”
He just said “I dream in black and white/ the world colored me bad”
I don’t know if that’s genius or stupid but I like it.

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