burn slow

Another photo Claire took when I was serenading a miniature snowman.


Me and Marian are back at the island Cabin. The water is jacked up
so we have to shovel snow into a machine in the basement in order to take baths and flush the shitter and whatnot. We’re like Waterworld drinking our own recycled urine here.
I took a couple days off from drawing and then today I woke up before the sun this morning and drew until now. I got this music in me you see.

After my dirty pair kick I did this drawing of what I’d want to do as a DP dojin cover in
86. Yuris arms are different lengths but I tend to let that shit slide more when it aint for print.

and this morning I did this banana clock thing:

and another Poshspies entry. This one is a 4 corners of the globe juice box with
beverages from brazil, africa, Thai land and Jolly olde england.

Here’s an outlanders back up comic that ran in 90. I remember when It came out a couple
different books did how comics are made comics. I think it’s one of my favorate genres.
Especially back then, I think I was like 14 when this came out and any hints at how comics got made were like gold. Nerd gold–fucking mithrel! And manabe is on a Kei kick so it’s
especially applicable to my ish. Even though I dont use assistants or naps.

And here’s a page out of a Yoji Fukuyama manga of short joke comics that I liked a lot.

There’s a series in this book of 2 buisness men in a life raft in the ocean still acting like buisness men. handing out their cards and shit.

And another sketchbook page. I had a dream where I came up with the most brilliant idea ever.
It was a cartoon shit guy and he had a coat and the genius part was that his coat was also made out of shit. And then I woke up and drew it. I am a dream idiot apparently.

The other stuff is quick drawings off of photos and a redrawn berserk panel because I love that book and want all of its secrets.

And heres an SD, BGC, gall force thing that I hadnt seen until this week.
Like my childhood anime wacky races

ok now I draw camix!
don’t wait up.

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