my dick’s as long as my LJ


This has been an amazing week full of drawing and Marian and lots of secret back room
comics dealing. I’m excited.

I’ve been getting into paying much more attention to what I eat and how much excercise I get.
I was talking to my pal David about how there should be a book on how to survive as an artist.
Diet and back strength and whatnot.
My new theory on why comic dudes all peak in their 30’s is that it’s a pretty demanding gig physcally in some ways and 30 something is when you start to fall apart if you arent on top of it.

it makes sense why dudes like Moebius, who is all about his deep aedena diets and Frank Frazetta who’s maintained being a pillar of pure dude muscle all his life have longer careers.
I mean not that that’s all it is but I think it helps.

I dug up a bunch of shit that’d I meant to post up here long ago.
I like this Robot playset.

What is up with homes with the darkseid colors sitting on the track
Like he’s just waiting for the next rocket car to zoom by.
not cool dude…

I have vauge memories of playing with this Orguss toy when I was a kid.
It’s like all the best parts of a Macross vertitech made somehow even better.

And here’s some fucking Saber rider up in this bitch!

So the Japanese guy was just a racecar guy in a robot motorcycle suit but the british dude has this Buckingham guard mech suit and the American cowboy has a metal hat.
And they rode metal horses. I’m all about the metal horse genre of cartoons that were big when I was a kid. Galaxy rangers and Bravestar and whatnot.

And here’s an old Albedo anthropomorpics drawing by steve gallacci.
I love that comic.

Marian wears an old Albedo shirt of mine to sleep in these days which walks the
nerd and hot line with dangerous acuracy.

Speaking of my misses, a dojin cover that I liked the name of.

The real for real Marian has been working on her 3rd issue of Elephanmen.
I’m biased as hell but it’s awesome.

Here’s some wooden knives she made for her bff’s birthday before last.

She’d made these after she honed her craft making our pal Corey Lewis a blade sized blade.

And here’s a Elephanmen drawing she did based off some rough pencils from my pal Justin “moritat” Norman

Here’s a thing out of my sketchbook where I drew marian playing on her computer but was too lazy to draw her future machine so I drew a bear instead.

The yellow pot was a kings ransom in honey that she emptied and now keeps her larder of gems in.

a drawing I did for my homie Doug at Oni’s busness card.

Also I found that I scanned the pencils to one of the Multiple warheads panels I put up here
awhile back. I thought it’d be cool to show the compairison.

ta da

And this is what I did this morning.
sexica and earthling

I also found an old photo that my pal Claire took if me and my meathaus bruther Farel
at his palacial estate in Portland.While he was drawing his Omega book for Marvel.
(that’s him on the right and me in red stealing his desk)

I think that’s everything.
I’m thinking of going over to James and Muggles place and trying to watch all of a season
of 24 in one sitting. It’s like a murder death game show.


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