life inside the dome

Hey low,

That’s from some old baseball manga. In it the main
guys get taken down to some undersea dome to play a game in a gi joe style
arena of sport aganst a team of uber men.
It’s a rough game.

Anyway, Im sick as a dawg this week. I didn’t draw for a couple days and realized that
I need it. It’s a big part of my entertainment.
But mostly I’ve been sleeping and re reading old Conan and Appleseed.

I always come back to appleseed, It’s brilliant and confusing. Shirow shows so much depth in
stuff –like he’s taken on the mamoth task of trying to show how mankind would try to build a perfect society but even the main two characters relationship is kind of foggy.

I study this stuff like textbooks, I just finished book 2. one thing that occured to me this
time is Deunans feelings about race. If you’ll indulge me in some nerd tennis:

So Deunans dad who never shows up but is half shown in a flashback and talked about a lot seems to hang out with lots of black people. Briereos is black and Deunans mom was a quarter and there’s some other black dude shown in the flahback he’s in, during Deunans weird childhood training excercizes. It might have to do with her dad spending time in Zimbabwe either way Deunan was raised around people of color–right?

So in book 3 Deunan is talking to a black soviet woman who she just pulled a gun on
and she says “sorry most of the blacks I meet through my job are trying to kill me–makes me
a litle prejudiced” Which is a weird stetement because A-her boyfriend/partner is black and B-Shirow has never shown her going up against any black crimminals in Appleseed.

I mean I know her mom was killed by black supremacists in future san francisco and that’s gotta give you some feelings. Maybe it’s just shirow projecting.

Also I’ve been looking at this rumiko takahashi site
with a bunch of cool stuff on it.
There’s an interview with her and Akira Toriyama

And a poster I liked for some event in Tokyo for her 30th anniversary creating manga
sweating panda

In the interview Toriyama mentions that he drew Dr Slump in an american style and
Dragon ball in a Chinese style. I mean I think he just means that one is straight up
cartoon and the other is Chinese mythology, But I always think of pacing as being
the main way that I think of different countries comics.

Like slowest to fastest
Japan then French American and British. not everyone of course im just genreralizing
so I can know when I build a vehicle powered off of world comics.


Before I got sick I spent most of last week at James and Muggles place watching 2 seasons of 24 (seasons 5 and 6). two days a season, I think watching the murder rate in that show is the closest I have even been to enjoying any kind of televised sport.(I’m not counting curling that I like because it’s insanity or womens speed skating cause it’s like porn–and certainly not stripper dogeball which I count as a type of poetry)

we kept an ongoing tally of how many murders were caused by the main dude Jack Bauer
and by the world. Also all the Perimaters that got set up and how many goddamn Moles were in the show.
James wrote this out he was our murder stenographer:

while we watched that James was messing around with an idea for a Godzilla comic.
Here’s his first couple pages.

James Stokoe’s–WORLD WAR G————————————————

James is a comic book monster like that.
I seriously think he uses more gradients in a single panel than
I”ve done in my entire coloring life. but it works.

Here’s a short thing I did as to tack onto the intro I wrote for the Side B anthology

That’s supposed to be Marian but we dont have a cat (if we did im pretty sure this would happen) and all my music is on a
computah. But I drew her real desk and chair.
so there.

I’ve been listening to lots of jazz and some raymond chandler audio books.
I think they’re read by the same dude that was Marlowe in the 70’s long good bye
Such a rad movie. Here’s a good 10 minutes of it:

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