bom pigity

Sexica wearing Deunans suit from Appleseed book 2 and a helmet with my pal Filty Rich’s
skull design on it.


I’ve been reading that Pope art book where he talks about when he’s got a deadline
comming up he lets himself have a big indian dinner to prepare.
I’ve got a week and a half worth of work to fit in next weeks bag.
I ate lots of chinese food which has made me slugish in preparation for a full week.

Maybe that works perfectly. I’ve always felt that comics was a tortus and the hair of mediums.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Speaking of race you racists.
I dig up some old French magazine that my big brother bought in the 80’s
where Enki Bilal did this trick of drawing the same woman as several different races.

And here’s a good Pilote cover from 85.
That’s Bilal (on the right) and Pierre Christin that writer that wrote a bunch of boring books before Bilal ditched him to do much cooler stuff by himself.
Christin is like the Eric B to Bilal’s Rakim

Also since were on Franch I’ve noticed this week so many manga have characters based off of Jean Reno.of Leon and The Pink Panther 2 fame. I don’t know what that’s about I’ve never see him in french books.

Here he is in a Kiyoshirou Inoue porn comic

and in a race car manga called Deadend street.

I’ve always thought It would be cool to do a comic and try to base all the characters off of
real actors. Like casting a comic. But what do I know about actors I only watch Vin Diesel movies.

So the other night I stayed up sooper late because I decided I needed to find the Japaneese porn ad that I had on my binder in middle school.

Impresions of europe:

I never even saw the show. I think the artist is Toshiki Yui
I thought of it because I’m doing some floating rock flying whale thing
in this issue of Multiple warheads I’m working on.

Comics as a job is fucking weird. All the stuff I’m drawing these days wont be out for half a year and by the time people read it. It’ll be old to me and I’ll be on to something else.

Oh shit while I’m writing this I just got a package. Paul Richard’s 2nd Braindump book.
It looks amazing, This dude draws so good. Here’s his sexica.

His site with lots of the art and where you can order his books is

Mail is like christmas.

Anyway while I was digging around for that impressions of europe.
I got side tracked by all the cool Dr slump stuff on this internet.

And here’s a cool Miyazaki thing.

I really like the way he’s got the radio tied to the flagpole.
Something about that is so stylish.

And I don’t even know what this is but I like it.

and Gundams

Man, gundam is so lame as is but SD versions of it are the best thing ever.
I will never understand that.

Also Barnaby Ward is running his amazing 103 page Sixteen Miles to Merricks book on his site.
Really good stuff.
I’ll be doing a short comic for it in the next couple weeks.

And that Marian Churchland lady who I like just had her Conan comic come out in myspace Darkhorse presents 2.

And another Dr slump toy—-

This morning I tried a new thing for me.
I penciled a 2 page spread I’m working on twice to see
which one I prefer.

It’s raining hard outside, drawing weather so I should go.

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