please hammer don’t hurt em


That’s the cover for my new Mutiple Warheads series.
It’s still about an issue and a half from getting a print date set.

I’m still staying quiet about other stuff (shhhhh) but here’s a quick pencil sketch of Anna greengables
from my King city story.

Aside from comics I’ve been doing lots of art jobs this month.
This is a thing I did for a dude named Excel.

That job was passed along by the fine gentelmen at comics for serious.
I like that comic blog, it doesn’t get enough love.

Lots of cool stuff has been happening.
Me and Marian just got a new place here in Vancoover, It’s so fucking cool.
It’s 2 floors down from Robin who does the Inkstuds radio show about comics
and I can see RX comics (possibly the perfect comic store) and an art supply
store out of the window. We even got an extra room just for drawing in.
I’ve spent my entire life living in shoeboxes with sweaty dudes (not that I don’t love them all)
but this actually nice place with a pretty girl is above and beyond.
I might puke up a rainbow.

Also also.
I got a call from my nyc and Meathaus homie mr Tom Herpich yesterday
who has just moved out to Burbank CA to work on cartoons.
I’m used to dudes I know getting cool cartoon gigs but Tom is doing designs for
that Adventure Time, a thing that I was already really impressed by.
There’s a pilot thing on youtube if you havent seen it.
Anyway I’m pretty hyped at the prospect of it all. I haven’t wanted to
see a new american cartoon since like exo squad. that was just because I heard
Robert dejesus was doing storyboards.
Here’s one of the drawings for the show Tom did off his site.

And the site him and his talented brother put new ish up on

And after that I typed at another one of my bruthers in meathaus and favorate dudes to
ever hold a pen Farel Dalrymple, who is running some of his 2nd Pop gun war book on the Aurthur website.

Read that shit!

So in getting stuff ready to move I dug out this old thing I was working on in 97
called Rain like hammers. I guess I wouldve been 21.
It was about a lady named Elkoline who was trained by an immortal lake god to play a game
that the gods played –something like a half croquet/golf/mah jong thing.
It was going to be my fantasy sports thing.
Elkoline had a sidekick who was a volcano god and who lost his form when he erupted and
now changed shape every day to some different type of animal.

I remember making it into a book to show to Oni at a Seattle con and it not going over as well as I’d hoped. and now these gazillion years later I’m drawing my werewolf epic for Oni.
So I guess it worked out smashingly.

That long limbed wood dude is the Dib Wiltch, a lake god that trains the main girl.
I’m planning on canabalizing the name of this series for a detective thing set in china I’ve got on the back of the back burner.

And here’s some even older art. I think I was like 16 when I drew this.
Akio tak and Kemi , I think from an early October yen comic.

There’s some books coming out I want to pimp.
Side B, a music comics anthology that I did a short thing for and wrote the intro.
Here’s the Lucy Knisley cover.

And my Austrailian pal Sheldon (that’s like having a friend in prison) is running
his tit centric contest with this rad poster.

And fucking James Stokoe, my daywalker allofmystengthsandnoneofmyweknesses new Wonton book
is almost out.
wonton soup 2 two ton soup hyper wontonsoup 2 the quickening 2…soup

Go buy a stroller for it now, It’ll be your new baby.
I wrote the intro for it too, cause I love it.

Comics wize I made it to the super dramatic end of 20th cetury boys and was like what am I going to do with my life when I’m done with this.
and then realized that he called the last 2 books 21st cebtury boys and it’s not even the end yet. Aw shit. Its still good and It’s still impressing my ball off (im down to one now)

I’ve also been on a Dave Sim kick, since he was always one of the coolest dudes in comics.
also the man that coined the phrase “i would fuck her until her eyes changes color” gentelman.
I got another issue of his glamourpuss which I’m all about when he gets down and dirty and talks comic science and less into when he makes fun of bad fasion magazines.

I really like this old 1980’s sunglasses dude Sim talking about comics.

He’s got a comic book brain. I haven’t even read the Cerebus that he did that pissed everyone off yet, I think my big brother whose copies I was reading as a kid went off to colledge before that.

Anyway looking at Sim’s stuff again got me back into old Marx brothers movies.
Since he’s got characters based off of them in his fine aardvark epic.
The Marx brothers movies might be my favorate things ever filmed. Like fucking Duck soup, it seems to follow how I hope to do comics. Cool settings and storylines that are at constant ends with all the puns and wordplay the main characters are constantly lobbing.

I’ll come back when things are more developed.

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