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I’ve been away from this internet lately. Me and Marian are internetless until next week.
The new appartment is all set up today I hung up a giant dry erase board above my desk to plan out all my secret plans. It’s the kind of thing that the team of decetives tracking me will shit themselves when they see.

My old Dicecat homie and house dude asked his pals to all draw cat’s with peglegs

And Marians

On the right of Maian’s picture those are the silotes of jacooobs characters from his Tikboom comic he’s been running on the top shelf site.
I like the look on the green Mysterious creature face–like he’s about to murk a pie.

And Claressss cat

Also this week I did a quick logo for Marians sisters all girl softball/dodgeball pillow fight leauge.

In reality I think it was for some frisbee team but I refuse to think of it like that.

This week has been cool, along with the excitent of the new place there’s been lots of new jobs I’m really hyped about and I’m having a good time with Multiple Warheads.
Here’s part of one of the newer pages.

Las pagas!
As I’m typing this Marian and Claire are deep in Resident Evil 5. It’s a pizza party over here and they keep singing. GIRLS ! gawd I know!
But watching this game is fun I like the Lisa Bonet looking light light african queen (baby you are worth more than gold) and it reminds me of when I was first back in Seattle and I watched Corey Lewis play through RE4. They seem to be the only games that I can watch and enjoy without playng.

And I giggle everytime the lady character yells out “take it!”

Unrelatd here’s some old OZ magazine cover I thought was cool.

and here’s a photo of Marian from this morning working on a big Elephanmen painting.

Oh yeah the new ELEPHANMEN 18 that she drew should be out damn soon.
Here’s the cover again–

I just reread Moritat’s war toys issues and really enjoyed them.
There’s an impressive scene of a sword tied to a cinderblock and he even threw in a
sexica picture on one of the walls.

Plus apparently the badass french anti elepants terrorist lady is based off of a seattle bartender that we used to visit.

Comix wize here’s my haul this week

I haven’t read them all yet but Asterix is always amazing-even just from a pun translation level the druid getafix always gets me. I’ve been drawing druids in the newer MW pages.

The Domminion has some amazing layouts–even though every non appleseed shirow book is kind of less than when I read them. Orion is pretty rad though.
yes strong feelings.

When I was looking for that Domminion cover I ran into this picture that used to be on a poster in my room when I was 16.

In this new domminion book he’s done that police academy 4/ revenge of the nerds 3 trick of making the villans that you like join the good guys–. it’d kill it for me if his page layouts weren’t so fucking good.

and here’s some pictures of me wresteling with Claires dog.
the deadlyest of creatures!

Oh and I finished 20th Century boys. I liked it -i feel weird that it’s over.
I think he handeled it well.
Here’s a good interview with Urasawa.

I really like what he says about the amount of data on each page –compairing french BD to Manga. The value of a page or page density is something I think about a lot.

And here’s a dr Pepper commercial that has D-pi in it.
It’s like a modern and smart version of the Liefeld Levis ad.
D-pi is a comic book monster.

Also I’ve been really into that new Rhymefest the manual mixtape.
I recomend it to you rap savvy people.

and now I’m off to drrrrawww.

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