survival system

It’s like 5 thirty in the am. Today was a huge sucess.
Me and Marian are pulling harsh deadlines this week.

There’s something fantastic about really having to draw. I’ve never quite wrapped my head around it.
Even though it’s my favorate thing to do it can still be hard to get the motivation to get too it. I like a deadline for that.

Anyway the place between RX (bestcomicstoreva) and pulp fiction (used book store with used comics) has this toast that Marian is all about. I’m sure it has a name-not important.
It’s like black and white toast. The black is a really dark brown–and they put lots of butter on it. Stuff is better when it has lots of butter on it apparently.

The theory was that spending money for fancy toast woould be the thing to ready us for the harsh day ahead. Marian drew this about it. The part of Marian is played by a mysterious creature.

Today I finished drawing the MW page I was on, penciled the next one, penciled a sleeazy porn commision and drew this rough thing for no reason. Tanlines and pubes:

Also I finished reading the new about to come out david mazzucchelli book that Robin of inkstuds fame loaned me.

I started out thinking it was really pretentious and then about 3 quarters in it I got really into it. Some of the storyteling tricks were really cool- Like there’s a part in the beginning where a dude jumps a subway turnstyle and someone yells “HEY” after him in a baloon/font that looks like the MTA subway logo. But yeah good.

Robin also loaned me my Meathaus pal Dash’s massive Bottomless belly button and a nate powell book.
Flooded with good comics. wuurd.

And I just got these too.

I’ve bought why I hate saturn like 3 times now. It’s amazing.
The Medusa chain seems cool so far. It’s got a dude sent to space prison.
The way it works is it takes you 6 years to get to the prison and then he only has to spend a
year there –then 6 years back.

I was talking to a friend today about how rooted your taste gets in what was cool when you were decideing what cool was.

Here’s some stuff I’m into this week.
a Gall force picture.

Sonada always was good at putting real toughes in a picture–like the walkman
in this to ground it to real. I like that.
and some moebius Major Grubert something–i dont know–but yeah, cool.
Look at that Pink Major tra la laing across the pipe.

And some Dr slump era Akira Toryama. I like the endor speeder in the foreground.

And this is the back cover to the wicked nerdy Albedo anthropomorphics issue zero.
It’s a furry retelling of Blade runner.
Oh hell yes.

And This is my favorate venus wars cover.

and some more skratchbook stuff.
Marian drew the walrus on the low low.

And now I’m sleeping–tommorow I ink an allagator attack scene.

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