Radical magical happy talk


Bears are fucking cool. I go out of my way by a block everytime I’m out to see a pacinko machine with a blue bear on it. He’s supposed to look defeated but that bear has won my heart.

Anyway, I haven’t really started drawing yet today.

I did this thing for Harvey James thing.

Here’s the 2 i drew.

That and this picture of Eisner award winning artist Steve Rolston were the main reasons
I wanted to type on here.

That Steve photo has been James and Muggles computer desktop image for months now.
Everytime I’m over there we tweak it ever so slightly. It might not even be done.
It’s important to note that Steve dosen’t dislike cops.
I think that’s all he said when I showed it to him.
He didn’t comment on the woman with a bag over her head in the background.
Steve Rolston: Pro cop /Pro torture kidnapping. and he draws good too.


oh have you dudes heard of this Vania Zouravliov dude?
He draws his ass off. on some Manara ,James jean type shit.

Somone just sent me a bunch of his stuff –he’s probly big an famous but I havent heard of him.
good shit.

Here’a a Fugatoid comic I had on my desk.

Mabe it’s like what I was talking about last time about how things don’t get any cooler than
when you figured out what cool was–but it dosentget any cooler than this.

I want one of these shirts.

and here’s an ad in it that I liked.

That’s the type of shit that reminds me why I prefer doing all lettering ish by hand.

One of the dudes at Comicsforserious got my old Perverts of the Unknown porn and I
always talk about the panel I fucked up on.

There’s a Tezuka story about how he got so tired drawing that he drew sandals on a guy in a
space suit. this is my space suit sandals:

and closer–I drew the Sweet girl 2ce in this panel.

And then her tongue turns into a penis.

Also today I ran into an autobio comic Kyle Baker did where he drew KRS-ONE
I thought it was cool.

for me that’s like seeing this for the Kirby Zappa sect:

Actually that’s pretty fucking cool too.

Aight I’m only a day behind on my self imposed MW deadline.
I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

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