I’m hard to kill


That’s one of the many stupid photshop images I do to email my girlfriend when she’s in the next room. But yes, she finished her back breaking harsher than harsh deadline.
And the pages came out amazing.

Those are various authors artists and starship captains with the bodies of otters.
Flowers and chocolates.

The big big thing going on with me this week.

The deal is set. Tokyopop and Image comics are putting out my KING CITY book
in twelve 32 page chunks starting on August 19th
It’s going to be printed wider than standard comics size. BIG!
Golden age size. Ivan Brandon’s Viking book just came out the same size I think.

Needless to say I’m fucking thrilled.


Yes that thing.
So the deal is that the first 6 issues wll be reruning what was in book one of the tokypop
book. I’m going to have some cool extra shit to try to make it interesting even if you’ve got
the TP book.

One thing I want is a letters collumn. So I”m asking anyone reading this,
friends enemies and strangers to send me letters I could run in the issues.
My email is
and maybe include something in the tittle about the KC letter collum so I don’t run anything
that someone didn’t want me to.


“Today we’re going to show you eight silent ways to kill a man.”

While I draw I’ve been listening to Joe Haldeman’s amazing book, The forever war.
I’d read one of the comic book adaptions in a library years ago and loved it.
Here’s a couple of the comic covers.

I hope someone reprints them now that Ridley Scott is making a movie of it.
Here’s a good interview with Haldeman about the process of working with a comic artist
I’m excited to get into the rest of his books.

Here’s some sketchbook stuff I drew in the coffee shop down the street.

And here’s another dumb photoshop thing I did this week that I dont expect
anyone to be as amused by as me.

Moving along!

I did a back up comic/afterward for the colection of Marians Elahantmen issues

It was fun to draw all the dudes–Moritat and Coreyyyy, Starkings and Marian.
If you havent seen it check out the Elaphantmen site.
Mr Richard Starkinds is doing some cool stuff.

I think that’s it. I’ve been holding my breath for this.
I’ve got lots more to talk about on the way. The next 6 months will be damned interesting
for me.

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