I love it when you call me barbapapa.


My childhood pal Aaron was just staying with me for the last couple days.
We watched the movie Push which was better than I thought it was going to be.
We ate a bunch of pizzas and ice cream with magic shell.

Marian Avoided the whole thing by having to work and escaping to her parents cabin.
He’s gone now and Marian is back and I’m back on the comics.
Here’s some warm up drawings I did, mostly on the walk back from the train station.
Between my place and there is a nice industrail strip that is good for walking around and
drawing in.

I have no idea what those giant thermos looking things are, you could set up a secret fort in them. I just might.

Right before Aaron got here I finished the 2nd King city cover with a nice quote on it from
my brother in meathaus James Jean.
Here’s the rough I sent in to get approved.

and the finished thing


One thing is I’ve got to get the letter collumn for issue 2 done by next week
and I don’t have enough letters yet.
Please hit me up with whatever questions or comic book theory you’ve got
at royalboiler@hotmail.com


And here’s Marian’s cover for her collected Elaphanmen book

Marian has started up on the internet again.

man, last week me and Marian and her sister all watched the my little pony movie.
I was hyped, when I was a kid I remember it just not being cool to watch it.
For some reason care bears wasn’t affected by the rule.
I figured it would be cool –80’s cartoon maybe on the same level as a care bears film.

dude, it was not cool. Crazy fucking child beauty pagent pigmey horses wearing leg warmers and

Basicly a witch and her 2 witch daughter (which daughters?) summon up some lovecraft cthulu slime shit called The Smoooze that rolls like a gentelman lava over ponyland. Baby Lickety-Split of the baby pony dancers has to go to the Queen of the Flutter Ponies to beg her to use her Utter Flutter magic to defeat the smooze.

Jesus that is some sissy shit. I mean I only have one testicle as it is,
that could have pushed me over the edge.

Also the main human girls brother was just in the movie to be a dick.
nobody likes that kid.

Back to stuff I like, I was talking to a friend of mine about the ‘La Cité Feu’ series
of prints that Moebius and Geoff Darrow did. I think there’s supposed to be a bunch of them but I’ve only ever been able to find even 3 images and only seen one in person.

Aside from these 2 the only other one I’ve seen has a bunch of arzach style birds in a hanger of sorts. Has anyone seen all of these?

and here’s some Babar and Barbapapa toys I thought looked cool.
“I love it when you call me Barbapapa!”

When I was a kid I had the Barbapapa’s ark book. where earth is all poluted and they make a wicked cozy space ship to head out to another planet. I really liked that book.
Barbouille is my favorate, he’s the hairy looking black one that paints.
I wonder if anyone has done a Barbapapa barbarella crossover.

Send me some letters please.
I mean I could draw some more stuff to fill the pages too i guess.

Also I’m supposed to mention that the Full of Pryde art show art is up on Ebay now
My drawing , plus lots of other great pieces.–Corey Lewis , Farel Darymple, Zac Baldus, Ross Campbell and many more really nice Kitty pryde drawings to beniffit the Hemophilia Treatment Center at OHSU.


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