pro hard core


I made that Narcissism for an inteview. It’s nice to be pushing my comics again.
Here’s a CBR thing where I talk about King city and Multiple warheads.

The main deal on this side of planet comics is that my pal James Stokoe
2nd WON TON SOUP book is going to be out on the 27th.
I wrote the introduction for it.
Here’s a big long preview so you people see how cool it is if you don’t know.
because it is.

And James misses, Marley has started puting some of her cool new pages up on the internet.
Here’s a thing she did.

more of her stuff here.

James are Marley have been living an amazingly savage lifestyle.
Bones through the noses.
They live like 10 blocks from me in an appartment with nothing but an air matress
and a computer in it.
They make coffee with this set up:


I got some quarter bin comics this week, some Pokemanga and inferno era x men, 6 from Sirius.
I have arrived at 3 big conclusions this week.

(1)Japan is nuts, I found some compairison shots of the origonal version of Pokemon and the american edition.

I’m as far from pro censorship as you can get but given what that comic is about was it really the place for some ass and tit? It’s like seeing the manga version of Ross’s Waterbaby book. (heheh–not that I don’t love it) sexy for kids.

(2) DC comics is insane. This has bugged me for years and years but no one has ever given me a good awnser why DC has the nerve to call themselves DC comics when DC comics stands for Detective comics comics? Theres a redundancy joke in there that will get me in trouble.

(3) I really like the back and forth of 80’s Marvel and Dave Sim with marvel doing S’ym character parodying (not in a funny way I guess?) but at least making an attempt to respond to Dave Sim when he did all his good Roach superhero jokes.

It’s still weird to run into in the middle of an Inferno book.
I don’t know if modern day Marvel would do something like that.
I’m not even spreaking to them until they get that Manara x men in my sweaty hands.
sex men!

i saw that Marvel has an Eminem Punisher issue. I’m always facinated by any rap/comics cross over–since I like those things. I wish there was a big pun/ punisher comic.
the conflict in the issue would be that Pun paid for his wifes titties and Frank Castle has to get his own!

As far as my stuff goes. This week I’ve been putting together some new stuff for King city issue 2. I’ve got to do a page before I sleep. And thanks so much to everyone that sent in letters for the back of it. I’m really impressed by the quality of all of them.
Seriously thanks.

Here’s the back cover for #2

and a bird commision I did.

And this thing that I have no excuse for.

Ok now I’ve got to draw a new back up short for King city.
This one is about a guy named Million man mark– a shadownaught that fakes his own

And how have you been?

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