paper everest


First off here’s a Multiple warheads thing I finished this afternoon.

I drew that 22 by 17 to get back to my own stuff after finishing some art jobs.
It’ll be a cover or a title page or a poster or something.
It will be a something.

And here’s a recent thing Marian did for an Elaphantmen cover.

I was thinking about comics as a 2 party system Watchmen or Maus or say Dan Clowes or Jeff Smith. The thing is I read comics everyday and for the most part get by just fine ignoring all that stuff. (Although I did like Rasl so far when I read Robins copy.)
The main dudes that on my end really taught me how to love this stuff don’t get talked about so much.

So I wanted to throw up some of one of my favorate creators, Matt Howarth up here.

Some books of his:

Savage Henry- Is about an electronic band from bugtown, a place where it’s inhabitants can
shift realities at will. Some of the band members are HP lovecrafts elder god Cthulu and
a bunch of clones of a woman named caroline.
The post brothers are a couple of mass murderer crimminals that are part of the Bugtown scene as well.

Keif LLama– is a woman whose job it is to understand weird alien cultures in the future.

Konny and Czu– is all about weird aliens with no humans in it. Barely any humanoids.
The main characters are some floating rocks and a centapede. But he still manages to pull
of incredibly relatable non human based stories.

Going through the stack of his books that I’ve got I realized how tip of the iceburg I would have to get showing the depth of how cool this guys work is.

Here’s some pages out of his Bugtown stuff.

A Caroline clone after she learns to shift doing a dive through realities.
take that Hiroshima!

and here’s a good page layout from a Post Bros issue.

One of the main things Howarth is so good at is storytelling in new cool ways.
Here’s a thing from Post bros. where the brothers split up and he spends 20 pages with
the pages split in half like this until they meet up again.

And another issue that has an entry exam before you can get in to read it:

But all this is just frosting on the writing –Solid science fiction.

This is Howarth site
His stuff especially through the 80’s is in my humble opinion as good as comics get.
Some of the best work this art form as ever seen. So there.

aside from that I’ve been reading Generation Zero that I borrowed brom mr Inkstuda.

I’m only like 50 pages in but it’s pretty good post apocalyptic 80’s comics so far.
I did have to skip the 6 page “the flames of war” bullshit that is such a staple of 80’s post
apocalyptic camix.

Here’s a cool title page of some darth vader looking muther.

It’s cropped like that so I didn’t bend Robin’s book. I am a gentelman.
I thought this was funny.

Imagine going through all the work to get up to the arm of the statue of liberty and all
you do is draw a giant swastika and mispell fuck. Kids these days….

Ohhh did you dudes see the fucking Rockin’ Jelly bean Fantastic 4 statue Marvel is putting out?

I don’t know how that deal happened but shit that’s cool. I hope they get him to do more
And here’s another RJB drawing I ran into on this internet that I hadn’t seen before.

He draws a pretty lady.

And here’s a bunch of old Japanese Anime book covers I thought were cool.
Man Iczer one was such a big deal to me in middle school.

And that Lupin castle logo is rad.

and a Tintin thing with nice shadows.

And here’s a sketchbook drawing I did yesterday when me Marian and Claire went on some massive exodus for gelato or macaroons in Vancougars gayborhood.

Now I might draw some new King city. I just got and audio book of Heinlein’s Farnham’s freehold to listen to while I work. It’s good so far.

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