It’s been been a busy week(s?), 3 groups of my nearest and dearest in town in a row.
Now everyone is gone and I can return to my life of solidude.

While David was here he saw the Darkstalkers garbage can that Marian painted when she was 16
that I keep under my desk and decided he decided to make one too.

that’s his on the left–we are rich in garbage cans.

darkstalkers is all near and dear to Marian’s heart and as soon as she saw David’s can she ran out and got one too. I will post the future results.

Art wize I’ve been working a lot on the extra stuff to pad out the forthcoming King city issues. But I’m also back on the main story pages.
Here’s the sexy Anna back cover for issue 3:

Marian is working on the front cover as I type this. It’s looking like a buttman magazine cover via Robert McGinnis. classy and assy.

Here’s a panel from the intro comic to KC #3

And Marian’s Beast graphic novella cover.

Also both the covers to Moritat’s return to Elaphantmen:

Marian on the left and Justin on the right.
Cool for me to see since it’s one of the dudes who has taught me most about comics
and the lady who taught me how….to love…. drawing the same character.

I picked up some good comics this week.

RX comics has got an adult shelf now.I got this Killer Kondom book
for 2$. The best gay german detective hunting a penis eating condom comic I’ve ever read.

I need to see the movie based off it now, HR Giger even made the rubber in it
. Here’s the posters, the first one by the creator Ralf König
and then a Rockin Jelly Bean poster.

and here’s the trailer.

This Dreadstar issue is him in some coma limbo going over his whole life.
At one point his power sword shows up looking like Lion-O with tits and he has
sex with it.

I really like the early dreadstar comics. I feel like this is seeing a dude at rock bottm.
Years later in therapy Dreadstar will be talking about his low point of boning a magic blade.
And after that he ended up being such a bad father that the book about his daughter got writen by peter david–“if only she’d just become a stripper!” falling in with a bad crowd.

I also got some really great local grown comix-

It’s really exciting seeing the stuff comng out of this town.
Just in this neiborhood –there’ such a concentration of stuff.
I’ve never felt this kind of creator density.
Maybe in Portland where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a comic artist.
But I’m used to Seattle where every artist I knew could fit in Moritat’s mini coop.

Here’s the cool Sexica and Maid Marion drawing Steve drew me in the front of his Much #2.

and a couple pages out of Simon Roy’s Jan’s Atomic heart.

awesome comics.

Also this week mr Inkstuds upstairs gave me a stack of good comics.
The main one that hit me was this Kirby 2001

I didn’t read much Kirby until I was in my mid 20’s so I’m always running into crazy
stuff I’ve never seen before. I know that this isn’t quite at his new gods level but
just to see him take that slow arty movie and throw some Kirby krackle on it is inspiring.
I can’t imagine this sort of loose adaption coming out now–I mean i’m surprized it came out then. I would love to take a shot like this at a Big trouble in little china.

Here’s a cool page with the astronaut lady tripping balls as she gets ready to change into a creepy giant space baby.

and this

On this internet I’ve been getting back into the old Nintendo power howard and nester comics again. I know I’ve talked about it on here before, but man,I love that mix of french and japanese style the mystery artist on it used.
This TMNT one is awesome:

More howard and nester here:

And I’m so fucking into these Yang Youn-soon strips:

There’s a great crazy logic to them all.
more here–

and on the site they have all the old Wendi Pini joke strips they ran in the back of the black and white magazine sized issues.

And check out this best Aliens fan art ever made by Tsukasa Jun.

Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?

And here’s an old Paul Pope flyer I’ve been holding on to for years from an
afterparty to a comic book reading.

I wish he put more ish like this in his art book.

and some Lum anime magazine cover.

The other thing I’m realy hyped about right now is one of my favorite MC’s
Boots Riley of the Coup is teaming up with Tom Morello from Rage against the machine,
They’re called Street Sweeper Social Club.
I need it and I want it.

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