cosmic comic book womb


So mostly I wanted to put this up to show off Marian’s cover she
did for my King city 3

And I got a nice quote on it from mr Tomer Hanuka, my old meathaus brother
and the guy who first taught me how to use photoshop.

Also my pal James’s Wonton 2 will be in stores tommorow.

another preview of it

and here’s some quick postcard sized drawing me and Marian did for my big brother Keith
when he was in town.

While he was here I dug out some of his old art. Back in NYC we used to all meet up
at filthy Rich’s place way up at the top of manhattan and put on a movie and all draw pictures from it. This was Keith’s Matrix drawing.

This morning I was reading an old Animag from 87 and it had this article about R20: Galactic airport an animated gainax movie that never got made about an android dude and the uptown girl he loves. It looks like it would have been really cool.

and here’s a trailer for it.

while I was digging around my room I also foung some old Iczer one books.
One of my favoarate animated things ever. Mostly because there’s so much in it that I didn’t understand and it all seemed so fucking weird.
It came out dubbed in english–something about it being better explained didn’t hold any
interest for me.

The Mook cover!

and these random drawings in it I really like.

I also came across these photocopies, I think it’s an unpublished
DC comics superman annual drawn by michael golden. I can’t find all the pages I had of it.
A friend of mine that worked at DC managed to copy the thing years ago when no one was looking. He also had copies of the Frank teran hellblazer that got censored to hell.

Here’s a Golden superman page.

and one of pages out of the back of an Outlanders issue.
It’s like a fucking zoid ship.

Ok, I should be drawing already today.
King city is going good. and yesterday was Marian and my homie Corey lewis’s bday.
They are some kind of crazy comic book twins like that. born on the same second of the same
year probly from the same cosmic comic book womb.

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