My pal Justin “moritat” Norman is in town we went out last night with james and Marley to
get our conan on. It’s this spot downtown where they bring you big
things of raw meat and you cook them yourself. You know that thing where a kid is caught
smoking and he’s made to chain-smoke until he pukes?
I think that happened with food for me. I’m off the stuff for good, I swear.

Justin is staying downtown in a hotel that is so sissy even the hallway walls have skirts on
if you try to enter without a little yapping dog one will be provided.

So Marian got a shitload of commissions last week, Thanks to mr. Warren Ellis mentioning it to the masses he controls with his mind. (they are keeping red bull in business I think)
One of the things she was asked to draw was the cover to the Barbarian revenge comic that shows up in Multiple warheads.

and here’s a quick Sexica pencil drawing I did.

Everyone who has seen this is struck by me not dressing her up like a child prostitute.
It’s a brand new day.

Mostly I’ve been working on King city and it keeps getting longer and might have to be some
double sized issues near the end or something.
I’m really enjoying listening to science fiction audio books while I draw all
the nonsense details in these.

These are not quite done yet. I think. The tones are a little rough still.

I put an Oh daphny sign in that one.

Here’s this old Black magic m-66 era shirow thing where it looks like they tried to update it by making the cassete into a CD.

Cd’s are massively less cool.

Here’s a new interview I did on broken frontier. I was really impressed with the questions Bart Croonenborghs asked.

and an interview from my good pal James Stokoe.

and now I will get coffee.

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