lets do this.

It is the year 19XX, earth has been ravaged by war and ecological imbalance.

oh helllo,

I’ve been on a big Jose Luis garcia Lopez kick today. Man, his work is so sharp
be carefull you don’t cut yourself looking at these.

I must’ve gotten Star raiders when I was 9 or 10, me and the misses always debate about
if painted comics work. I think after digging this up again, i lost my side of the argument.
It’s dark enough for the lettering to fit.

Here’s a page I really liked from Cinder and Ashe.
Such a great book, Gerry Conway’s writing is nice as well.
I like how well the cajun’s accent comes through in his speach paterns.

and this panel on the left really impressed me, showing running without showing feet.

and something I liked to bitch about in the 90’s about how Jimlee ganked Dart from Atari force
for his wildcats charater. dude even took her forehead dot, That’s like taking a man’s shoes and not even leaving him socks.

This is why I’m an advocate for some kind of Guardians of the Universe for comics
to banish shit like this to the phantom zone. Zelot can hang with Genral Zod
and think about why what she did was wrong.

one scene in Cinder and Ashe reminded me of a page from Appleseed.
It’s cool to see 2 dudes at the top of their game both approach the same type of scene.

the Garcia Lopez-

And Shirow

seems like a lot of garcia Lopez’s lady characters are on the same kick as Shirow’s Deunan,
but with less crazy cop. Soo Burly.

Oh hells YES!

and on some Shirow, Last week when my comic guru and wealthy benefactor Justin Moritat Norman
was in town we drew some Appleseed sketches. The only thing was Justin draws so fucking small
that it forced me to draw these postage stamp size.
He did the Briareos and I did Deunan in both of these.

Another dude whose work I’ve been looking at this week is Jano.
I hadn’t seen his work before, but the stuff I dug up on this internet is pretty cool.

And Here’s some of Manara’s Bergman stuff that I hadn’t seen before.

And I’ve been really into John Kantz comics he’s been putting on here:
Here’s a page from his Robo hooker:


Back at Yosh, with all those comic artist packed into that house like sardines it
was decided that John’s Legends from Darkwood was the best comic to read on the toilet.
shit taking comics are a hugely respected genre in some circles.

aside from all that I’ve been slow and steady working on the last 40 something pages of King city and the cover for issue 4.

In the middle of typing this I walked out to the living room where Marian is working on Beast and thought it was funny how she draws with clasical music and a Jane Austen novel next to here while I’m in here with Ex-Mutants and “shit on you motherfuckers”-rap

So it goes.

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1 Response to lets do this.

  1. Been reading your blog all day. I think you must be my long lost brother who lives on the opposite coast… the one who kept drawing comics. Moebius, Shirow, sure. everybody loves them. but Grey? I didn’t think anyone else had ever read that or flipped out for it like me. And I also have a coverless copy of GIJoe Yearbook #2. Golden blew me away with that (still does) and I carried it around for years. It’s weird.. I’ve never run across anybody that read ALL the same comics as me growing up.

    thanks for bringing back some great memories.

    Oh, and I’m a big fan of King City. It’s rad.

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