low down cosmic books


Here’s a couple of new things I drew last week.
The 4th King city cover:

That one will be out in November. I’m doing the back cover and extra pages for it this week.
I got the first issue of DC comics Wednsday comics big newspaper thing, and I really liked the format.
So I’m doing a giant one page back up comic for KC #4 that will read like a 2 page spread printed sideways.

And here’s a quick one page thing I did for Barnaby ward’s 16 Miles to Merrics.
I wish I had more time to spend on writing it. -feels more like a part of a scene than
a self contained 1 page comic–so it goes.

You can read Barnaby’s whole comic here:
It’s really cool stuff.

Here’s a couple quick sketches I did with some commisions that finnaly got mailed off.

Last week I was all about watching the Torchwood children of earth series.
Marians sister watched an episode with me but for the most part I couldn’t get any of my nearest and dearest into it. Man, a gay couple and a pregnant woman fighting
child hungry aliens. How does it even get better than that?

Eventually I ended up watching the old Cobra La GI joe movie with Mr James Stokoe.
I think Lt. Falcon likes it,

falcon is such a fuck up….

I liked that even though he is no longer in charge of Cobra throughout the entire movie
Cobra commander still gets called Cobra Commander. I don’t know what trick he pulled to get that to stick but his name must have nothing to do with rank.

Snakeyes is barely in the movie, just flouncing around in the back ground in a couple scenes.
mostly It’s new dudes, I didn’t remember too much.
Except Jinx on the left here, who I had the toy of as a kid.

The cruel thing about her is in the movie she can’t really fight with out being blind folded.
and the other dude there fucking, NEMESIS ENFORCER! Who I guess has been alive since the ice age and doesnt have a soul –because he must’ve traded it in for the best name ever!
And his boss is named Golobulus. And he must have like 30 souls with a name that shitty.

I was really struck by Dr Mindbender in this.

He’s a geneticist that dabbles in cybernetics and cloning but isn’t afraid to go in to battle
against the most elite trained U.S. millatary dudes. shirtless, in arctic weather.
And then he has the nerve to sport a monucle. Godammit, I respect a Dr Mindbender.

And then there’s these dudes.

fucking chuckles and zandar..
I included Zandar because James would scream whenever he came on the screen.
James HATES Zandar.
Is he shirtless but with sleves.? The nerve!

All this GI joe got me to dig out my coverless copy of the GI joe yearbook #2,
with the amazing michael golden, October guard story.
So fucking cool–WHAMM WHAMM!

Golden does that great trick of making everything the charaters interact with look so solid.
all the vehicles and guns and shit.

I found these old shirow covers on http://www.shirowledge.com/news_enu.html

I really like the design of these.
and this dude from an old british cop show called THE PROFESSIONALS
that Shirow based his charater Magus on:

And as I’m typing this Marley (who was forced to listen to me and her dude watch GI joe while she had to work)sent me some of what she was working on.
I’m really hyped to see her Black circle book in print:

And I just found out that the Forevor war comic ran in Cheval Noir–so I should be able to actually find it all.
And I really like what a great set up that Forbidden worlds cover is.
Sacre bleu!

Dude in the pith helmet looks like he’s been buying his pants from Dr Mindbender’s line.
(he doesnt sell shirts only pants and capes!)

And here’s a flyer for the next con I’m going to. That is a fine line up.

and also this is so cool. Ignore the 50 cent at the start–he’s just there to scare you away.
KRS’s hand gestures alone are worth watching this for.

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