stay hungry like Galactus.


I think I was overdoing it the last couple of weeks.
I always say that my job isn’t drawing comics but more staying excited about drawing comics.
Sometimes since what I do for fun is what I do for money it’s hard to remember to step back from it and get excited again.

But I also had a deadline so I had to finish that first. I ended up doing a backup for
the 4th king city that was like art therapy. Here’s a panel of where my head was at:

After I finished the deadline I went over to Stokoe and Muggles place and got in the way of them getting any work done. We ended up staying up all night watching Jesse Ventura Interviews. That dude is straight out of a Heinlein novel.
Rugged individualist and all, plus I hear he doesn’t got time to bleed.
One great thing was he kept calling pro-war politicians who avoided millatary service in their youth Chickenhawks. Which I never thought meant anything but child fucker. Either way it’s a fine insult.

Another thing I had to finish for KC 4 was coloring this Anna drawing for the back cover. soo Orange.

and after I didn’t draw for a day and a half I did this Xmen Storm sketch
with Dazzler and darkseid in the back. Double D cause comix are tits with me.

I have strong feelings on moehawk storm being the greatest advance in Marvel technology
since the invention of Jack Kirby. If they had any self respect the cornrow/mohawk would be the next logicl step.

And Marian just finished all the drawing on her Beast book and is now lettering it.
I really liked this page. mygirlfriendisprettyandshedrawsgood.

I took a photo of how massive her pages are next to my 11 by 17 babies.

And also along with the title to this ish I took photos of what I was eating in a day.
as exciting as that is.

I remember my pal David taking about how he wished that he could just eat a cube of “FOOD” and not have to think about it. I can understand that sometimes.

It’s funny because i was talking to another friend about how much better comics seem when the characters are eating.
Maybe it’s just one of those things that adds to the comfort of a story and makes the chracters seem more human. Take a moment and try to think of nick fury pooping–
crazy anusless charater.

And also I was reading some good comics this week.
I got one of the Chevel Noir issues with the Forever war comic chapter, this rad Moebius cover and a Darow poster I gave to Stokoe.

And I started reading The dog years comic on this internet.
Up here:
Great stuff. It feels like what normal people would read if they read comics.
The art reminds me of my favoarte stuff from Brotherman comics but with more ass and stripers.

And some forever war pages. This scene really captured the same feel as the book for me.
Oooh alien worlds.

It’s got to be a bitch adapting a book to comics I think Marvano did a great job.

Here’s some more of the stuff in color that I though was cool.

And I read this great S. Clay Wilson short in an issue of ZAP.
where a demon goes to a biker bar.

I remember my dad telling me about his captain pissgums stuff when I was a kid but this is the first one I’ve seen by him that really hit me.
It’s got that drawing whatever the fuck you feel like that I love so much in good underground stuff.

I was reading conan this morning and got hit by this page.

Just when I think skulls are the most played out part of the skeletal system
Thomas, Vosburg and Alcala come along and prove me wrong.

And here’s a Kirby cover. I like a good demon summoning.

oh oh and I’m thinking of a new way I’d like to die.

the No-bull sacrifice. I just need to get in a situation where I give up my life behind
clear glass in a room that is filling with gas or radiation.
You’d just have to maintain some dignity and resist the urge to dance like it was a fog machine.

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