that’s my lady’s desk in our living room where she draws massive pages and chases me out whenever I bring in anything that threatens to dribble crumbs.

So the big news is Marian’s Beast book is DONE!
It’ll be in comic stores in September, I think you should get it.

Here’s the start of it.

it was a massive effort, and me and marian took turns last week lettering the thing
with the nice marianchurchland font that MR Elaphantmen Starkings was nice enough to make for her.

This is the first time in my lifetime of making comics that I’d ever computer lettered
anything. It really made me think about the possiblities of mixing words and pictures.
After typing lettering for a morning I’d have all these ideas of what could be done with
balloons and letters in this talking smoke buisness.

Speaking of lettering I ran across this old Adam Warren Dirty pair page showing his pencils and the letter lines. I was so (still am) into that comic when it came out.

Now post deadline we’re up at Marian’s family’s cabin again decompressing our brains.

last night I read this Yamaji Ebine’s manga, Free soul, about a mousy girl with a bowl cut who gets all crushed out on a woman who is a jazz trumpet player.

and the mousey girl is drawing a comic during the whole story about a badass black
lesbian jazz singer in nyc. –with the shaved head on the cover.

I didn’t really like any of the main characters in it–but what hit me about it was the feel and deign of the book. I only read a digital copy of the thing so I missed the full experience but that cover and this intro with a bunch of redrawn album covers on it are pretty fresh.

It really captures that trick of making the story feel more real by using elements the reader is used to seeing in the real real world.

Here’s a couple panels I liked, and there’s even an istvan banyai art book cover in that last panel. I’ve fondeled that book many times and thought about buying it.

At the end of the story after the mousey girls lovelife ish is resolved and you get
to see a chapter of her black lesbian nyc jazz singer comic that she’s drawing throughout the book. I was excited to see a real chunk of what was just hinted at during the rest of the book.

I like the dude that is hanging with the bald girl.
He’s a confident dude,he just walks around in a shirt that clearly says “bathroom” like he’s just looking for somone to fuck with him. I bet the rest of his shirts all
say shit like “piss pot” and “private dancer”–bring it!

The other thing,

Oh Japanese creators and your funny ideas of how black people in nyc act.

over here we are a little more knowledgeable and subtle about how we show…


ANYWAY, I’m reading Bone for the first time.
I was always distrustful of how derived from pogo and Carl barks duck stuff it
seemed but in reading it I feel like Jeff Smith is on some take back the night
with his childhood favorites. I’m enjoying it.
I drew a sketch.

I’m like 3 quarters of the way through it.

and some more sketchbook shit I did today:

and one from a couple of weeks ago.

Oh also I did this sexica drawing for an Oni Igoogle thing.
Normally I like my inks better than pencils but something about the pencils on
this I prefer.

and here’s an istvan banyai drawng I ran into while looking up how to spell his name.

And now I will ink some King city.

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