Melt in you hands.

So it’s like 3:30 in the am and I came back to the city early because my brother is in town.
We went to a night market and ate $3 noodles across the water from big lit up crane claw machinery. now it’s raining outside and I was drawing while listening to some rowdy Bukowski reading.
I’m just saying this is good and I like tonight.

One of the things I drew tonight was this idea for a possible Multiple warheads shirt.
based off that ice cream sketch i put up last time.

I think it’d have less colors as a shirt.

Also earlier today I hung out with James and Marley.
Here’s a photo Marley took of me and James.


So awhile back gentelman artist Mr Steve Rolston,
drew this dolphin on a cell phone for a childrens book he was illustrating.

Look at that marine mammal, clearly chatting up an underage girl.

and then james drew this:

I love a dolphin in a Steve shirt.
There’s more of it but that’s all james has colored so far.

I think that’s the kind of madness that helps you stay sane and keep this comic ish fun.
It’s hitting me again this week how important it is to do it all for fun before you
do it for a living. I sit and quetly contemplate all this while Stokoe is drawing
dolphins riding on wheel chair patients. mutherfucker.

Also I really like these Milo Manara’s designs for the defunked Barbarella movie

i know it’s just a manara girl in space pants but just that it is Barbarella by manara
is enough to get me all “DUUDEE!” Also those knight shouler pads are pretty ill.

And some more old Adam warren stuff I ran into that I thought was awesome.

I had that Manga newswatch when it came out, I remember it had some of Warrens designs
for his Corey emmerson DP stuff.

I don’t know if it’s that I’m thinking more about covers these days, but I think
I prefer seeing cool art with logos and shit all over it.
I really dig the fancy E on this Blacksad cover.

and some old old Shonen jump Dragon ball cover. i can’t even imagine anything looking cooler.

And I really like this comic store commercial with Rhymefest dressed up as a superhero.
Beating people and stealing infants to get them into a comic store.
He’s got a good comic book run.

And now I sleeeeep.

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