doing the overtime


So every year or for shits and giggles I make a list of what I love and hate at that moment.

It’s important that I note how petty my hates are. I think that’s a good sign.
Years ago when everyone in the Yosh house was making love and hate lists Jacob’s
list was just Love: kittens, Hate: not kittens
I’m on some age of Aquarius love and kittens shit.
(Although now that I type this I wonder if by not kittens jacob meant everything
and was just brimming with hate.)

But here’s my flimsey hate excuses:
Lavender seems like a perfume plant and they make an ice cream in that flavor.
That’s like reaching for a handful of tit and grabbing Dom Deluise.

As far as street performers, I feel like breakdancers and saxaphone players get a pass.

The loves are all simple. The thing is I LOVE that shit.
Dude, Fucking Wizard bear! So all over cities keep making theme animal statues.
When I was in NYC it was cows and Pigs in Seattle–both of those were awful but with Bears
the alchemists have found gold. There’s even a good Darth vader bear in this town.

But Wizard bear is the best of the best. It was made by Penny Martyn
and it’s government name is “Bear-Leave in Magic” It’s like it was made just for
me and I love it.

I drew some shit this week too.
One of the extras in King city issue 5:

and the cover for that issue:

So King city, issue one comes out a week from today. The back up in that one is an interview that my
pal Claire did with me. I know it’s not comics but I did lots of those for #2 on.

Also next week me and my gang will be at this:

It should be fun. I think it’s been a year since I’ve gone to a con so I’m excited.
And tommorow me and Mr James Stokoe and mr Lars Brown are all going to be on an
episode of the Inkstuds radio show right after Kate Beaton who does rad comics.

2pm pacific time

Also last week Robin let me come up with an hour of music I like for
his Inkstuds mixtape, you can listen to it here:

And on a music kick I’ve been looking at some old To-y manga.
showing music as anything actually cool is so hard.
Atsushi Kamijo is good at cool, Here’s a concert scene I like a lot.

When this came out I would have killed a man for some white screentone.
And that 5th panel close and far away in the same panel has got to be one of the most
badass moves you can pull in a comic. I love that shit.

I noticed in To-y something visually cool has to happen everytime he plays.
Like the artist realizes that just showing a guy holding a gutar with his mouth
open is not enough to covey cool.
Like this scene where he’s doing backflips in a recording studio.


Aside from that, I’ve been really into Nate Simpson’s Project waldo blog.
Just a really honest take on the process of drawing a book.
And his work is fucking amazing. Here’s one of his older pages that I like:

Yes indeed captain.
and a new one.

Such good coloring!
More of his stuff here:
and there’s a link on there to his main site with more of his older work.

It is an excitng time to hold a pencil indeed.

Speaking of here’s a cool Moebius drawing with Astro boy in it.

And this thing by him that I hadn’t seen before.

Moebius is the Wizard bear of comics.

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