shook the pillars of heaven


Soooo King city #1 is out today. I went to that fine RX comics this morning to look at it.
I’m thrilled. Feels like forever since I had a full book on stands.

I’ve probably typed about it on here before but I like a floppy comic.
There is nothing I like better as a comic reader than to know that a series
I like will be coming out for the next couple months in a row. There’s a joy in
being able to go in regularly for the next chunk of a story you like.
Graphic novels are cool and all but it’s the difference between getting a book
by a creator you like once a year or 6 times a year.

I was remembering when Adam Warren was on Dirty pair and when the first series ended I had to find something else to get every month. So I started getting Legends of the stargrasers
which was crap, but if you look at the covers you can see where my teenage boy mind was at:

it’s a fucking mystery how I got into drawing porn later on.

Anyway, I think my point was I want there to be good books one shelves every month.
There are so many amazing creators just making graphic novels now and yeah sales and shit
but I want some fucking comics. And the idea that people wait for the trade to come out is
crazy to me. If there’s a book I’m really hyped about there is no waiting you want it so bad you can taste it like acid in your mouth.

It’s important to note that I don’t think most creators should be making comics monthly.
Just drawing them slow and steady far ahead of time and then getting them out close together.
That’s the theory anyway, I’ll see how well it works for me in practice.

Here’s some of the books I got this week.

Twilight x is one of those comics that I fiend for. Joe Wight was the first real for real comic artist I met and my respect for him has only grown since. Aside from his storytelling
the thing I really enjoy about T-X is all the lounging and coffee making that goes on in between fighting nazis. Look even there on the cover!

Pineapple army was the first Urasawa book I ever read, years before 20th century boys and Pluto, and all that. I regard him as one of the best to ever touch a comic and I really like that he’s been doing it forever and now at almost 50 he’s doing his best work. As it should be.

I like how he introduces the main character in this issue:

i would like it if I could always meet people doing shit like that.

and I really liked Ross’s new wetmoon 5. I feel like the whole series has been a set up to get me to be deeply in love with his Natalie charater.

I haven’t read the other 3 yet, but i will tell you that Namor is a dick.
Also fliping through these I realized why She-hulk is so much more fun as a
character than Hulk.

With Hilk it would just be a series of varying shades of ripped purple pants
and maybe one pin striped suit.
Also, do you dudes know about how the Red hulk–is called Rulk?
They should have their hands cut off!!

And I got these too.

I found the City Hunter chapter that was in the first shonen jump I got as a kid.
Again, another early influence that strikes me as funny years later:

wait for it.


the other book, some– abenobashi magical street has some cool stuff.
I like this scene in the dark where the girl is the only thing you can see.

cool trick.

Also this last week I went to the local vancouver con.
Here’s that Inkstuds show that me Marley,James and mr Lars Brown did.

Here’s a sketch I did at the con along with a rogue trooper Drawn by Mr James Stokoe.

The whole con Marian was all about drawing this fat cosplaying cat yelling at his mom:


Lars and his lady Amanda stayed at our place when they weren’t at the hotel.
Here’s a comic Amanda did about how horrible it is watching me and Marian talk.
She was so kind to my hairline. aside from that it’s all the cold hash truth.
And lars gave me this cool Multiple warheads /mao drawing.

And now that it’s all over I’m back to the pages. Here’s a title page for
KC #5 I did after the con:

And a rogue cop comic for the 5th King city back cover.

That’s the cop show that Joe and Pete watch while they do the stakeout scene.
I based the look of Badock off of the main dude in the tv show The Wire.

And here’s an article Don MacPherson put up on his great eyeoncomics site about all the
business around King city.

now It’s almost 8 and I’m gonna draw some shit.
later dudes.

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