low low low secret base

Hell low,

That Marian lady I’m sweet on has been off on the island
watching her aunt and uncle’s giant dogs and I’ve been here
at home reading comics and chiseling away at some king city.
slow drawing week.

Years ago someone told me that you have to make love to the paper.
What do you call it when the paper doesn’t want it but you still have to give it to it?

I do a lot of faked perspective, Where I know where the horizon is and then just draw the thing.
Here’s a King city kitchen not looking right.

After a couple failed attempts I broke down and ruled the thing out

And this is the fucker when it finnaly gave in.

I think I’ll know that I’m no longer doing it right if it ever becomes easy.

in between pages I did this quick art job.
Not my best work, but i was happy with the frog.
I was aiming for the Rankin bass gollum by way of Sanrio.

Reading CAMIX:

i went though every Twilight x issue. Man, i love that series.
I like how it meanders along with the inbetween scenes after the characters have been fighting nazis where they kick back and eat ding dongs while reading comic books.
I think this thing from the early early first issue I got when I was like 15 really conveys the feel of it all.

No, It doesn’t.

And I read the Warren Ellis Ocean series–There’s something new and alien about reading good hard science fiction done in like a mainstream american comic. It made me wish there was a comic line like DC’s aborted Helix.

And I liked the new batman and Fantastic 4 books. comics might be doing ok that I can say that.

Also, how the fuck did they get away with this as the letters collumn name for the 80’s byrne she-hulk?

Was that over the comics codes heads–or did they just like a good tranny joke.
I like to think it’s the later.

i also read this 90’s Aliens vs predator comic. I like the thought and effort the artist put into these backgrounds.

samurai swords and plants.
Apparently the dude who drew this, Phil Norwood was also the visual effects art director on the Howard the Duck movie.

And I dug out some really well laid out Golf manga. It’s a testament to my love of comics
that it can get me to want to look at golf.

And look at how he uses these maps to show where the course is and the lay of the

And here’s this amazing wheres waldo style Asterix stuff that a friend sent me a link to.
the gaul.

There’s more here:

And someone else sent a link with the City of fire art that Moebius and Darrow did together.
I like how this one shows the differences between what they do.

And them both drawing the same thing. i like that hand Moebius drew.
Dude can put a lot of lines on skin and still make it pretty.
Darrow’s not my favorate but he definatly pulled his weight on these.

lots more here:

And now the sun is up, I should sleep. Tomorrow I’m starting a new short story. It should be fun.

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