the red phone


I’m on the island with Marian and her family for a couple days. today we went out in a speedboat in the rain. As far as I can tell speedboats were designed for helping you come
up with science fiction plots. When we got back I gave Marian all my clothes and jumped in the ocean to swim back. Makes me feel like my life has a little action in it.

Yesterday was less action–I did a comic about it.

And some new sketchbook stuff-

On the right is a couple of the sketches I did at Marian’s aunt and Uncle’s place. They had all these crazy machines I’d never seen before
like that toilet with just 2 buttons on the top.
There’s a rap song that says “Have you ever had shoes without shoestrings?” they have a vacuum cleaner without a cord! I can’t even deal with living in the future like this.

Oh and I photoshopped this. I have no excuses.

also i wanted to put up a chunk of a King city page so I could show my pal Violet down in SF where I redrew one of his charaters in the background.

And tonight I was looking up old video game box art and ran into these.
I really like the stuff in the logos of the first 2–the knife and crying eye and that racoon tail (!)
The 2 on the lower left I just like because they look to me as though
they were art directed by 15 year old boys.
It’s like a pizza party for your eyes.

That one on the lower right is drawn by Shuho Itahashi, who did
that freshest of french looking manga Cyber 7 and this spiderman manga cover (the insides aren’t him)
Him drawing Peter Parkers nose through the spiderman mask makes me think he’s some mad genius.
Nobody draws the nose!

And some old Orange road covers for Shonen jump.
I’ve never actually read orange road but I think I’ll have to soon.
i really dig the art.

and some old Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Dirty pair art.
It breaks my heart that he never did a comic of them in his style.

Check out this SD Ripley with an alien head shield.

Is there any Ripley Aliens manga? If not why not! I need a red phone with a magician on the other end! the shitty one I have now just calls batman.

and smurf houses.
Is that Papa smurfs own house with a picture of him on the wall?

Also tonight I was looking at this french artist Guillaume Singelin’s site. I guess he was in one of Images Pop gun anthologys but I missed it. –I need to pay more attention to this stuff.
His work is on some Thomas Herpich /Corey Lewis ish.
I am impressed.

and his site

and Here’s an old Enki Bilal cover I hadn’t seen before.

No it’s like 7 in the am and the sun is up.

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