I love being a turtle.


It’s been a good week, I’ve got more good comics than I can read and
enough work to keep a fire lit under me.

Here’s the 6th King city cover that’ll be on shelves in 4 months.

Issue 2 will be out within a couple weeks along with Marian’s Beast book.

I went to a coffee shop this morning to work. I’m spoiled by my desk and don’t draw outside
as much as I should. It was cool, something about just having a couple architectural magazines
as my only reference was really refreshing. my brain works better away from a computer.
I remember years ago a coupel of the other Meathaus dudes both inadvertently drawing the same
house in each of their pictures because it was one of the first good images you got when you looked up “house” on the internet.

James and Marley got back into town again today so I went over there and watched this SD Gundam wacky races style cartoon.

This stuff is so much fun–there’s even a dude dressed as Mutley in it.

In the past I always regarded Gundam with disinterest but I’ve been reading Stokoe’s copies
of the Yoshikazu Yasukiko (Yas) comics– After rereading Venus wars I’m convinced the dude can do no wrong.

I liked this scene.

The look on the guy in the doorways face is awesome. He looks like his world has been torn


I kept asking James if Char is into dudes, James would look at me like he was a little too mature for the conversation and just say “ah.. he’s a gentelman”
I think Stokoe has a don’t ask don’t tell policy when it comes to Gundam.

And on a Yas kick I dug up this nice Crusher Joe drawing.
mutherfuck a robot!

I’m sure the rights were a bitch but it’s too bad Adam Warren never did a Crusher Joe
comic. I remember being a teenager and just waiting for something on that kick to come out.
It seemed obvious.

Anyway here’s an Alfin toy/stature that I thought was cool.

Those are Vancouver pants. For like, Space travel and yoga and leering.

I’ve been all about the stank of good 80’s anime this week.
I want scientists studying the shadows in Iczer one or the electricity from
the Thundercats intro. I want them working in teams around teh clock.

I don’t even think it’d necessarily integrate into my style all that well I’m just
thrilled by it.

One thing on that kick is this rough sketch from one of the Dirty pair animators.
I really like you can really see the drawing in this–if that makes any sense.
Like it’s not trying to be all that pretty, it’s just a drawing.

and man,that foreshortening on keis arm..

and this one off the same site:

There are few things beter on this planet to me than that thing Mugi’s eyes are doing
where they are open but the pupils are closed.–also the Godzilla, star trek ish is so good.

There’s a lot more up here—so fucking cool.

And these teenage girls in Gundam suits art has that same steeze to it.

I think I’m going to be watching a shitload of animation from my childhood soon.
I realized I’d never seen any version of nausicaa that wasn’t the cut down edited 80’s
Warriors of the wind version.
The cover I knew as a kid is the one on the left. I fucking love how little it has to
do with the movie.

I remember so much of that as a kid. I always think about seeing the Voltron with the
lions and then kids at school talking about how there was another version of it on
cable where voltron was all cars.

The nerve of whoever made this poster–Why the fuck is there a flying horse on it?
and I love a smaller version of the dude whose head they are all standing on but with a
light saber. I fully believe the cover made this a better movie for me. It would seem like
less if I got it all at once.

Also tonight I was reading this 4th letter article on Corto Maltese coats.
I can’t think of a cooler thing for a hard core comics dude could wear
and still pass in polite society.

I ran into this shoe ad that Pratt also did.
Like, Oh shit Corto Maltese wears Pumas?
Next you’ll tell me that Obelix is a K-swiss man.

And a Manara shampoo ad.

and a Toppi one.

And Jamie Hewlett dildos:

One of the main things that’s important to me in making comics is to not compromise the actual pages I draw. So side work is the ideal way to actually make enough money and not end up drawing off a script you don’t like because you need a good page rate and not hoping for a movie deal to bail you out. ya knaw? So, It’s awesome to see dudes makeing impressive work out of the side gigs.

Anyway! Hugo Pratt– I like this close up tango page

It reminded me of this walking page out of a Dieter Lumpen story by Bastille and Cabanes that
ran in a 88 issue of Heavy metal I just read.

There’s something so impressive in pulling off simple.

Also check out this awesome sabertooth swordsman comic that this dude Aaron Conley

Detail and badass are awesome as well. Look atthat eye of the tiger he’s got.
More up here:

And here’sa comic Adam Wilson drew about running into me at a con:

I do love a wizard bear, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

And look, Kirby drawing of the ninja turtles!

I love being a turtle.

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