tanking machine

I’m listening to a rap song where one of the De La Soul dude says
“pen, you my mutherfucker” good sentiment, I am hella tight with all
my supplies.

I got all the extras for King city 6 off today, It’s the last issue
reprinting the old book before the exciting new stuff of 7.
Since I was working on that Ressurection short Marian did a rad 3 page back up comic
about her love for Maximum Absolute.

That’s the lizard thief chracter she plays in the fantasy computer game Oblivion at the counter.–and SF2 pants–soo good.

I finished up my other work in time to do the back cover. One of those things where
I go to bed with a plan of what to draw and then come up with something entirely new
when I start to draw the thing. So I don’t know why I was in the mood to kill santa.

I went down the street to draw the bus stop in the middle of this (also that lower left panel). i always forget how one of the best things
about comics is that you can work anywhere–Plus Vancouver is a fine city for city reference
. I am spoiled by my desk.

Another thing I did in issue 6 was redrawing this awful Anna flashback panel.

It’s still not my favorite but it’s better..

Also my pal Sheldon’s Kill Audio book that he drew is out this week.

It’s about a dude in a band that can’t die–it’s fun stuff.

I think this is the 2nd cover-

Sheldon draws so good.
There’s a prevew up here:

Me and Marian have been talking about fine art, my time working in
a gallery in NYC soured it to me but I’m keeping the faith.
The gallery show I’ve seen that I most enjoyed was this Kenji Yanobe thing called
Survival system train. I really like that he make shit that works.
Like radiation suits and sensory deprivation tanks or these Godzilla legs you can drive around.

I think that one on the bottom is called a tanking machine.

He’s got a site here:

Here’s an Akira Yamaguchi picture I thought was cool

I was looking through some old Genki books today–the comics that came
with issues of Newtype magazine. There’s this one Takeshi okazaki one that isn’t particualrly good but it has this one scene where a dude has to astral project himself to see
his lady in some crazy other world. What I dug about it is the way he shows the
place he’s going to is badass is these shots of flying sharks exploding.


And here’s this Genki back page. I might’ve put this up before
heheh I like dude in the hat.

And I was reading this Dave Wilson Hitomi and her girl commandos issue from 92.
His stuff was chaelling everything cool from the 90’s–

And an Otomo thing I hadn’t seen before.

I like this Macross running veritech. Funny how his gun says Unspacey but couldn’t be
more spacey.

I’ve been listening to this House to astonish camic book audio show,
makes me feel good about the universe to hear intellegent british dudes talk about comics.
Plus they clown on Jeph Loeb wich I’m down for since I still haven’t gotten over the
Red Hulk-Rulk fiasco.

If we met Rulk would go to shake my hand and I’d just stare at him with my hands in my pockets. Rulk, we will never be cool.

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