breathe through it


This in my last night getting everything together for my trip around the americas–
in a white suit rescuing kittens out of trees and stealing pies of off window sills.
Sanfransisco for the APE con and then Savana Georgia for a gentelmans talk on comics at
the SCAD school and then Seattle to see some of my dudes and my dear sweet mama.

Here’s the 7th King city cover– chocked full of the new new never published before stuff:

It’ll be out in about 5 months.

Getting ready for APE Marian made a fancy new short comic about mice and dogs.

this is one of the dogs.

She’s made these books with a block print on the cover that she;’ll have there
and sell off this internet when we get back.

we’ll be at the Neon Monster tables #454 and #455.

And more importantly Image is putting out James (allofmystrengths&noneofmyweaknesses)
stokoe’s ORC STAIN monthly magnum opus:

He did an interview about it here.
I tried to convince him to say in the interview that he gets all his ideas from sleeping
in a sensory deprivation tank but I think he was all reasonable and talked about his work WHATEVER!

I’m getting James to do a short back up for King city 7.
I’m excited to see what he does.

And Simon Roy, of Jan’s atomic heart fame send me a new short science fiction
story he did. Simon’s comics feel so mature and smart about science fiction.
Dudes selling weapons to insect aliens:

Simon’s site:

And while digging around on my bookshelf I ran into one of my favorate mini comics
ever–Jordyn Bochon’s Day after V-day.

Dude the insane logic in her stuff is awesome–like the clan of nudists the dude gets
advice from or teh cat that just speaks in food names “Bacon.” “Cola”
the whole thing is up here:

Also last night me and the lady went to her parents place so I could read her stack of comics
from when she was a kid. Adam warrens Bubble gum crisis (retrothrash–heheh)and lots of 90’s x-men.
man, 90’s marvel feels like porn where they never get to the fucking. But that’s gotta be Rouge’s fault right?

also i read a book of late 90’s articles about manga and one thing that struck me
was mention of a Chasing Amy manga.

I think they dropped the ball on the manga Joey Lauren Adams.
I guess it’s half manga (drawn by Moyoco Anno) half novel–but it’s weird that it got made.

And since I seem to be into japanese comic dudes drawing american movies tonight-
here’s an Aliens thing from a Noboru Rokuda racecar book.

When I control time and space i’ll have entire asian island nations devoted to Aliens vs
predator manga..or not.

Also awhile back I tried to grow a beard to prove to Stokoe that I could–and morraly outrage Marian. Here it is before the law came and took it for evidence.

And now to travel the country on some Doctor Tenma, highway to heaven ishhhhh.
wish me luck–

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