up so late


It’s been a week of desperatly catching up on deadlines.
This drawing comic books is cutting in on my reading comics all day.

First off I should mention that Marian’s BEAST is out in stores

beast comic ever and go get it please and thank you.
and the 3rd King city should be rearing it’s ugly head about now as well.
(with a fuckin sweet Marian cover bra)

Here’s some of the extra stuff I’ve been drawing to fatten up King city issues:

That yellow bird dude (you owe him money)
is meant to be my pal Robin who does the inkstuds comics radio show.

And a quick Big trouble in little china thing I did in my sketchbook

I guess there’s a Big trouble comic that topcow did or is doing.
I fear and distrust it.

And here’s a commision Marian just did.

and an idea she had for heated pajamas.(not farts)

and a new cover our pal Marley did.

I’m very excited about the fine work Marley’s been doing.
she’s been drawing all day everyday making everyone else look bad.

Yesterday Stokoe showed up at some godly reasonable hour and lured me with
coffee to Lenard Wongs fine vancover con that is held down the street from my place.
Marian has a new video game (dragon aids) and Marley had to work on her comic so it was just us.

It was fun, I got this rad Mary Karaplis post card:

more of her stuff here:

Sooo someone finnaly put up some more art from the Milo Manara xmen book.

I am looking forward to this.
from sqinting at these pages it seems like he’s put his back into it the art.
And as much as manara draws a handsome woman I almost wish it was just a straight up
xmen book, it doesnt need to be such a fucking clam bake (a lady sausage party)
as much as Manara can draw women better than everyone he can also draw everything
else better than everyone.

There’s some more on it here:

Manara also did something for an Asterix tribute book–
this panel is all I could dig up of his work on it.

and here’s a manara cover I’d never seen before (on the right)
and another Italian, Vittorio Giardino on the left.

I like those squared off logo letters.

here’s some more Giardino stuff I thought was cool. classy/sleazy

And this thing some website did where they compaired Ego panels to some of the
Nemo ones they were based off of.

“man, this winsor mccay doen’t have enough tits in it”
As much as i dig little ego it does seem like that thing that
happens in comics whenever there is a dude character everyone likes some
asshole has to come in with a hot chick version of it.
I could live a full and happy life without seeing sexy hellboy/girl art.
You know there’s already fucking SHE RULK.

Anyway here’s some other cover that I know little about but thought were rad.
I’d guess that was Katsuya Terada on the right.

Also mr Inkstuds showed me some new french comics magazine with new Moebius Arzach pages and
a really cool Dave cooper comic about meeting Moebius. I don’t think it’s out in english
yet but Cooper put some panels from it up on his site.


I’ve been reading 80’s Albedo Anthropomorphics issues.

It’s funny how he’s drawing badgers and crows and shit and they are all so deadly serious about the millatary and political situations,

I like those space tubes they put them in for space surgery.

man, I love and 80’s science fiction millatary comic.Albedo and Appleseed and all, it seems to make for confusing complex books but maybe that ads to how re-readable they are.

There’s a couple modern dudes still pushing that feeling.
I really like what Simon Roy (jans atomic heart) and Giannis Milogiannis (aptera)
have been doing.


and Giannis


and speaking of Appleseeeed as I often doo.

SWAT mug is so nerdy. THAT is what I want to drink shasta out of while
playing DOOM! I dont know why it isnt an Eswat mug.
If I were the mug manufatuer I would pull that moocha out of its regular detail and
add the E.

also there’s this Otomo book I’d never seen before that shows a bunch of photos of his place.

And I just borrowed a Grey art book from James and Marley.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I have a secret dream to
someday remake Grey on some Urasawa Pluto ish.

I couln’t get a great scan of these back up strips.
That one on the left is obcene.

and here’s a YAS Crusher Joe cover
ICE PRISON!–i like how it looks like shes pulling that out of dudes nose.

and I guess this is drawing from some japanese comic store
I like that car. put put put

And someone put the whole Walter Simonson alien comic up on this internet.
I like the alien logo. creeepy

Here’s the rest of it:

This is some gamma radiation or something chart that I’ve long
since lost the link too.

and I’ve been reading this really good Don Paterson book of poems.
I like this one:

It’s a good night in vancover i just woke up and
it’s all rainey and cold outside a good drawing night.
I think a new Rakim album comes out tommorow and new Dr who.
It’s good to have things to look forward to.

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