bath comics


I’m on the end of a 3 day run of non drawing comics work.
Mostly reworking the King city dialog and doing balloon placement for
Lucas at Tokyopop to letter it.
I’m making lots of pages that look like serious debates about the alphabet

And the guy talking to pete is Exekiel, from Green porn that was in my
escalator collection.

Doing this stuff gets me excited about making comics, for some reason I get much more burned out doing covers and one page jokes. It’s the storytelling that gets me most hyped these days.

And here’s the cover to the issue I just got together.

Here’s a panel from the Korean xombie war flashback in that issue.
Relentlessly cat. pat pat pat.

Here’s an old catmaster cover from 2002. I’d made a photocopied
book of pre King city king city to give out at a nyc con.

I think I was trying to get some 70’s Conan lines in my stuff back then.

I got some exciting emails with drawings in them:
Aaron Conley:

(check out those catpaw sneakers)



Also Speaking of mr harveyjames– he’s printed along with me in a new Meathaus sketchbook book that my pal Chris McD just put together.
Here’s the cover Chrs did for it–

It’s looking to be a pretty serious book chocked full of all the hard core meathaus dudes– Farel Dalrymple, Thomas Herpich, Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, Jason Sacher, Mu Pan ,Dash Shaw, Zachary Baldus, and a bunch of other impressive artists — Al Columbia, Nathan Fox, Nick Bertozzi, Peter Chung, Ron Wimberly.ect etc
I’m excited to see it.

Here’s a small picture of the Peter Chung of Aeon Flux fame and Tom Herpich of being a genius fame–

more on it here:


I got the full set of the 1990 Viz printing of Buichi Terasawa’s COBRA
that I’ve been eyeballing at RX comics(bestcomicstoreever)

So it starts out like Total Recall with a guy with a boring life
going to a clinic that sells fantasies that awake who he really is.

You know how it is, sometimes stuff gets too rough being a lone wolf
space pirate with a phycho gun for an arm.
Sometimes you just have to erase your memory a reconstruct your
much too pretty face to look like gene wilder and just hide out for a
hot minute.

It’s like plastic surgery to make him look less like he got plastic surgery-

It’s set in a 70’s more starwars than star wars universe.
Look at that wookie belt and those serious star wars vent/lights.

Every sign in the comic is labeled as basic as possible: CLUB and BAR
like in the future use of the english language has been trimmed down to
its basics. in Cobra my next book would be called COMIC.

Oh and see that dude casually scooting out of his hover car?

that’s the evil plant phychic named Tarbeige. He takes off his already creepy gas mask to show vagina mouth metal tounge face.
He plants his seeds in the hindbrains of his victims to control their minds.

look at that casual look in his eyes.
He’s so bored of women screaming in terror.

He even dies creepy.

Cobra has such good villans.
check out this smooth skelleton in a spacesuit on the left-

The main villan in the first couple issues is CRYSTAL BOY.
He’s a dude that used to be human and is now made out of polarized glass
so lazers have no effect on him. and his creepy mask face never changes even when he’s laughing his seethrough polarized ass off.

He’s such a dick.

I think it’s inevitable that when you encounter a cyborg that you’d wonder the state of their cyborg crotch–Like how Briaroes has almost no human parts on his outside but his dong is still there.
Crystal boy has gone out of his way to show you exactly the state of
his buisness.
Dude wont even wear pants!

I find someone that used to be human so much creepier than just a robot.

He cant taste booze and he has no genitals –he cant even poop.
But he remembers doing all those things.
so what’s left but cold conquest of the universe.

I’m 7 issues in now. right now Cobra and his sexy sex robot sidekick
are on their way to where?


Aside from Cobra the other best thing I saw in a comic this week was
this ad– Elf hating pervert!

And here’s some early Shirow I thought was cool.

I like how this comic is trying to pass itself off as
battle comics when it is clearly thong backed um-puming bath comics.

That japanese lettering on that is so cool.
Like its made out of wrenches or handcuffs.

And this , I guess it was from a Dirty pair radio play,
broadcast on the Internet.

This site mentions it–
Also I really like seeing the photos on there of the american vs the japanese
voice actors. I remember watching Ranma with my pal david, trying to guess
what the voice actors looked like.

and some drawings from the 90’s anime, Weathering Continent.
I like the colors on these.

And some old Otomo art I hadn’t seen.

that guy is good.

This moring my pal Steve Rolston sent me this page from his Oni book-
Ghost Project. He drew me and james Stokoe (in a russian sex bandit hat)
in that top left panel.

I’m looking forward to Steve’s Russian ghost comics.

Oh also, I forgot to mention it but the issue of Resurrection that I did
a back up comic in came out last week.

now im going to go watch some polar bear documentry.

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