EYE station: nobra


I turned 33 this week.
to celebrate I ate cheezeburgers in front of the first 3 hours of 24.
murder and torture and cheeseburgers.

I found a comic I’d drawn a couple years ago as a note to myself.
Really personal stuff about my deepest fears and hopes.
I planned on doing something like that this year but it devolved into this:

Stokoe came up with the –leg of their own book title joke.

Origonally it was going to be about me going to meet the gods of comics.
I was going to draw them as big mount rushmore faces of Tezuka Herge and Kirby.
(my pal corey did a good comic where the comic god looked like a giant transformers head)

The bathtub stuff was all a lead up to meeting the comic gods but then as I was penciling it
I realized I needed to turn in another KC back cover. so it became one of those.
This will be on issue 8.

Meanwhile Marian has been in her secret lair (living room/studio)
playing the video game Dragon Aids and making comics about it:

I always imagined Klingon warnog to be like xmas Eggnog but made out of the
blood of your fallen foes.

The blood of your fallen enemies is hella fattening.

Oh, also for my birthday Marian and her mom gave me this futuristic science fiction
coffee replicator device.

It has a brew pause button on it.
I’m calling it Dr brew Pinski
or Brew-ba-papa

That is meant to be J jonah jameson of spiderman fame with a kid and play
cut and hammer pants.

And something else out of my sketchbook.
um-pum indeed.

And here’s some Appleseed ish I thought was cool.

I’ve been all about pre computer art Shirow this week.
even more than usual.

I like this 4 page thing he did that came out a couple years ago
in a book called A decade of darkhorse.
It feels like a Shirow heavy metal story –tits and robots and all.

It’s funny how a dude who is so adamant about details –how a swat mission
would realisticly go down and all that–never has any problems with characters
showing up for combat shit in pink ballerina outfits.

That and a bunch more good shirow is up here:

One thing I found out about on that site that I was tottaly unaware of is
a whole Ghost in the shell book that Shirow drew by hand before he
decided to just make glossy computer porn for robots.

And it’s been out in english for years. SHIT!
I like how nerdy the tittle is–
Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor.

I do dramaticly prefer appleseed to Ghost in the shell stuff
but the technical ability is still there.

I am excited. here’s some pages I pulled off the internet.

I’m into that backflip on the top left. how it leads you into the next panel.

And here’s some Naoki Urasawa thumbnails.–20th century boys i think

And some old stereo ads with that rock manga To-y that I am so fond of.

boys don’t rush to be men” you listening–
Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD The eastcoast family?

oom do do do da ayye ayye yiiiiiiii

oh look, old japanese Dune book covers–
the sleeper has awoken

And a valerian page I thought was cool. I like how Mézières did the shadows on the water.


and some other old japanese magazine stuff I liked.

This guys stuff reminds me of Rockin jelly bean.
I like his mazinger z lady.

more of his stuff here:

And a video from the french comic TRAMP

And a Tony Jaa video my pal Corey Lewis did a million years ago.
This video is really like watching coreys soul

Aight im off to harass my dear sweet lady.

oh also I wanted to mention the fine dudes at Comicsforserious
have been doing Beast week talking about Marians book.

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