one foot


Marian is off on island adventures and I’m home– staying up all night to meet a cover deadline.
Here’s how it came out:

It’s for the issue that has a board game as part of the story–so the idea
is you can cut out different characters from the front and back cover to play it with.
I’m happy with how the price tag on this one worked out.

I just switched to larger paper for the last 30 pages of the book.
Im drawing it 2 inches bigger.
Hopefully it’ll add some je ne se qua to the end of the thing.

Here’s the first page of issue 12. (still the old size paper)
ass and hummus–

And a page out of my sketchbook.
on the left is me in Marians dads sweater that I refuse to take off in this icy cold
canadian weather.

Here’s a KC drawing the late great Mike Wieringo did after the first book came out.
This picture was/is a big deal for me.
he drew Joe so good looking and the cat so surley.

I was reading an old Moebius interview he said “being an artist you have one foot
in eternity and one foot in the real world.”- made it think about what of your work gets left beind after you’re gone. As much as I might just leave the world a million fart puns richer–
It’s exciting to think about. Like how much personality Bode put into his one page strips
this stuff sticks around.

anywayy–I’ve been looking at a lot of Ronald D-pi Wimberly’s stuff this week. That dude makes such cool pages. I like these pages from a Jessica Abel story he drew.
man, that logo–

soo good.
The rest of it’s here:

And I ran into these pages from World Apartment Horror. I guess it’s a manga adaption
of a live action Otomo movie that another artist drew. I know very little about it but I like the pages.

Here’s the first chunk of it in Italian:

and some pages from a collection of short stories called presentforme.

I like dude’s parachute helmet. Even if its not too efective.

more of it up here in Chinese

And here’s a drawing of a cat that I thought was cool.

And I ran into this crazy shit in an old Shonen jump.
so -this menacing dude shows up to show off his incredibly well trained bats.
and how does he repay them?

what a dick. bat eating dick.
This is the type of shit I imagine goes on at burning man.

And here’s a Tintin parody from a 1990 Watson Portello comic called Inferno.

I like seeing tintin with a beard.

And here’s some Somerset Homes pages that I liked the layouts of.
It’s cool to see storytelling being played with this much in this style.

and here’s another Japanese dune picture. the David Lynch stuff.
I always think of this version when I think of Dune–
man that Baron Harkonnen looks even grosser in that middle drawing.
like sun burned boils.

and some rad Birth tape covers.

and captain futureee with his front heavy space shark.

Aight–Ive been up way too long.

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