my genetic structure: paper machete,


The above image is a sexica drawing I did awhile back that I’ve just finished up.
It’ll go in a girls and monsters themed art book for the Emerald city comic convention in seattle this coming March 13th & 14th, 2010 (the future)

Also I just did a new audio interview with the dudes at comicimpact
that you can listen to here:
When I talked to them I was trying to turn my vampire schedule into something
that walks among mortal men so I might sound out of it.

Here’s a sketchbook drawing I did today of T2 era John (savior of humanity) Connor
and his the sarah connor chronicles era sexy protector robot cameron.

It was promted by seeing this lady dressed in T2 cosplay.

And this after I was bitching about how awful it is that there always has to be a sexy lady
version of every male comic chacter. In my defense I think it’d be different if she was like belly shirt push up bra John Connor, as it is it’s just badass.
I’ve always maintained that the mixture of time traveling robots Public enemy and GnR
that is that film is at the very core of what I consider to be cool.

Anyway there’s more of that here:

and speaking of here’s an old picture from some live action Tintin
with some sort of bong and a way too happy snowy.

And I ran into this comparison:

Apparently at some point because of French law or just some law of good taste they stopped
putting real booze names in Tintin.
I suppose that’s good you dont want kids to be all about Jonnie Walker
because of their favorite boy detective.

Although on the flip side if somone claimed to have Asterix and Obelix themed
wild boars I wouldn’t even be typing this right now, I’d be on a plane with a bib already tied around my neck.

Sorry, am I boaring you.

Anyway, Here’s some new stuff from my pal Marley zarcone whose back up story in Images Unforgetable is out in stores now.
Here’s a page from her personal far future project, Black circle.

And like that Marian, Marley has also been sucked into Dragon aids –she made this about it:

And here’s some sketches she did to mail out with some book promotion or something that I didn’t fully grok. Muggles draws such good faces.

And my artisticly reclusive pal Tom Herpich has got some new shits on the internet.

The whole comic is here:
and an interview
I’m always amazed by the work Tom does. I’ve got a brilliant 5 page King city comic by him running in issue 9. I’ll throw some of the pages from it up here as the print date nears.

My pal Robin who does the Inkstuds radio show recently did a fantastic
show with Stuart Hample, who drew the Woody Allen strips that are coming out with a new collection. The interview is just a great glimse into how comic strips used to be.

I really like the stories he has about Lil Abner creator Al Capp
you can hear it here:

Hearing it promted me to dig up this image.

I had this record as a kid and that drawing has been burned into my minds eye.
I really like how Capp drew that pig.

And I ran into these great Morinaga iodide drawings.

I hadn’t head of this guys stuff, it’ seems to hit on that same 1983 Akira toriyama kick that I like so much.

i like that muppet looking muppet.
What would this style of page layout be called–its like diary mishmasery–
it reminds me of Miyazaki’s porko roso pages.

I think this is his site:

And this guy Shimoda Shinobu seems to be doing simmular stuff.

I am constantly amazed at how much great work there is out there that I’ve never
seen before. I was thinking about this when reading best of the year comic lists.
Like I feel like I read a lot of comics and I wouldnt feel qualified to know
everything good coming out.

that idea makes me dammned excited about comics–its like too much to wrap your brain around.
Actually, you know who would make a good best of the year list?

Man, I wonder what his top 10 would be–like tell me what kind of books came out in
Bizzaro world this year– Is Bizzaro Maderera still making those Awesome books??

OH fuck you RULK!! of corse he wouldn’t pick you!

Annnyyway–after those Ryoichi Ikegami Dune pictures I put up last time.
I dug up this cool spiderman he drew.

And also my King city 4 will be out today.
so get that please and thank you.

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