cold cut comix

Today I’ll put some stuff under a cut.
it’s a x mas miracle.

yesterday was good, I had big plans to celabrate the the whole holliday TMNT raphael
themed (red and green) but it degenerated into me and Marian spending the last 2 days
in her parents basement playing street fighter duce. handing the controler back and
forth each round we beat it with Ken and christmas was saved.

Also I read some of the late Italian artist Magnus’s comics:

The Specialist is a weird book. It feels like they just translated the middle of
a long series. It seems like the main character is barely in it and even though I followed the
plot the stuff he focuses on seemed nuts.
Although this was a great scene to read on Xmas eve:

DEfrocked Priest, ex hit man!
muther frocker.

One funny thing about the book is there’s all these scenes of what seems to
be a vacationing gay couple, talking about the arts, history and music. They don’t seem to
advance the plot much but they might be the best part.

Here’s a good scene at the end of the book that read like a where are they now.

yup they’re still gay.

And I thought this scene was weird. The whole point of these 2 panels is
to show that guy on the left has had his missing shoe brought to him by the dude in
the middle. But he doesn’t show feet or shoes all you get is a box and a view of the
building from outside.

Mostly the book left me confused–but I like Magnus’s art.

The book of his that I don’t have in english is my favorite.
Sexy space aristocrats.

There’s some really good pages.
Ah, the smooth spaceways..

And back to the theme of my Kawanzaabunga dude holliday, some TMNT manga.

and I like that stone cold ninja look on Leo’s face in the top left.
plus I’m such a sucker for a good logo with a bandana on it.

And here’s just some old manga shits I liked the look of.
That bug dude on the right is great–coming in like he wasnt invited to the cover.
“oh hey”

And muther fucking Crash bandicoot! I love that guy.

Last time I put stuff up here–the Sexica alagator drawing I did the Emerald text on it after
seeing the logo at the low end of this Zero fighter shoujo cover.

I like this blade runner page layout–with the thing at the bottom that looks
like an egg timer.

Also I was looking at the art from this 1988 game SNACHER!
It looks like they just took Harison Ford and Sting from Dune and
made a game about them.

The story sounds great. The main character is Gillian Seed, He’s an amnesiac
that has just been hired as a cop.–what a crap police force, that amnesiac is clearly
not fit to work a case!

Ironicly the Sting looking guy isn’t a member of the Police. I think his name is
Random Hajile, he’s a bountry hunter with a one wheeled bike called the Road runner
and I’m going to go out on a limb and say a heart of gold.

And here’s some Snacher comic pages. Nice exploding head.

And here’s a walkthrough of the game:

And here’s a Blade runner looking YASUHIRO NIGHTOW drawing–

i like this drawing but I guess it’s by the dude that draws Trigun–the worst thing to come out of japan since nazi collaboration. But in seeing this I was reminded of Pixie Junket
–I can’t find my old copies of it or anything, I think it was by a guy named Pure.

Anyway speaking of blade runner influenced stuff–here’s some
Bubble gum crisis. I read somewhere that they’re making a live action movie of it.
I’d rather just have some more kenichi sonoda episodes.

and some other sonoda

And some Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora up in this bitch.

And I like these Moebius BD hover cars. Personally I like to
jet around on a one wheeled bike called comics.

ah, there it is.

and tits and skellator.

and Here’s some Orc stain covers for issues 2 and 3 or Mr James stokoe’s fine forth coming
book. Maybe I put these up already.

ok, i should get to drawing some of my own stuff or possibly nap.
either way big plans today.

Also D-pi has started putting up some stuff that inspires him every week
needless to say, I’m into seeing that kind of stuff.

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