from beyond the beyond


It’s been a good week. Marian just went to her island retreat to do some serious comix
writing and I am here at Bathat drawing in my underpants.
all is how it should be.

We did something fun this week. the cover for King city 10:

I’ve wanted to try a photo cover for awhile now. Marian helped out lots–
she made the stuffed marmoset and the Gold coast box and posed in it.
And my pal David took the top photo of his burg Tokyo.

And here’s some of the photos I ended up not using.
I made a beer label that Max drinks in the comic and one of the posters
hung on Annas wall.

and some stuff out of my sketchbook:

and here’s a thing I made for Marian on X mas. Magic potions dawg!

behind the bottles is a fur Marians sister got her. It was like xmas for
the barbarian warrior woman that has everything.
Also Marian just shaved her head–marley took photos of it but I still
need to grab them off her camera.
Here’s a new drawing of her self Marian did.

Absolutly badass!

It was cool going to the comic store this week. I dont think Ive ever seen so many new
books come out in one day by dudes in my gang.

James–Orc stain and Marley in Forgettless and mr Sheldon drawing Killaudio and
the new KC. I think chunks of all those series were drawn in the same room when
Sheldon was staying in this Canadian outpost.

And James did a good interview about his Orc Stain up here:

I’m damn excited about james having a full monly book out now.
I’m biased as shit but I think comix needs that shit.

Here’s a page from a King city back James did that’ll run in a couple issues.
the godzilla heart that powers KC:

And here’s a photoshop joke I did off of Ross’s fine Wetmoon book.


I read some good comics this week.

Mr Inkstuds gave me a fat box of nerd gold–these 2 were out of that.
They each have 3 short stories in them–fucking dense comix.

I always think about the density value of the page. Page by page these 2 comics are worth the content of like 6 months of lame drawn out to be continued– bendis bullshit
I think density is important to keeping issues alive and the comic store fun to go to
every week.


black hood is nuts.
He starts out as a cop who in his spare time fights crime as a masked vigilante.
Like –you don’t get enough crime in your day job?

One of the shorts is about the case he took as a rookie cop that ended his cop career.
I love this dialog.

Ok so he’s a new cop asigned to protect a deaf mute girl from mob hit men
and HOW does he handle it?

WHAT AN AWFUL COP! art gallerys and out biking? shouldn’t she be
in a safe house somewhere rather than sharing a malt in broad daylight? of course she gets killed!

and I’d like to point out she is only killed after he proposes to marry her and she runs
into the street crying right into Mob killers.


so after that Black hood goes on the road with his bike that runs on water with
retro rockets that he loves.

The much more sane back up comic is by Alex toth. He always draws
a good comic.

The other 2 stories are just crazy enough that the sanity of Toth’s stuff
makes it seem slightly less fun.


The monkey with a gun story is a rad cover but less exciting as a story.
He’s an alien who mistook the earth population for monkeys and now has to
get a scientist to turn him human with a machine he made that only turns monkeys to
humans. I think its the least usefull machine ever.

My favorate story in this one is about a guy that travels around taking jobs to fund his
study of alien languages. I really like some of the ones thsy show.

and the 3rd story is about all the crazy shit in the space museum.

—but back to the sheer amount of good stuff in each issue.
the Unknown comic is 20 cents, that’s like 3 old timey hot dogs.



Here’s some French covers I ran into on this internet I thought were cool.

and some 80’s Japanese ish.
I liek that worf has no mouth.

and Dirty pair because I love that shit.

I ran into this old Yoshikazu Yasuhiko DP cover, makes me wonder if
Hughes was trying to combine it and the Dave stevens cover when he did his.
look how dude basicly stole the ass off of the Stevens cover.
that is assed out.

AND look stickers.

Un spacey Macrossery. That under cannon is such a jet dick.

and Aliens stuff

Oh also, I got a couple cool drawings of my characters this week from some talented dudes.

Jared Lewis Sexica–so good.

More of his stuff here:

and Marcelo Peralta’s Joe–niiicceee.

more of his here:

I think that’s everything.
I’m going back into my cave.

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