It’s been a good week, Marian got home from her deep writing mission on
the island and we rearanged our whole appartment.

I’ve been doing lots of getting the King city issues ready -all the excitment
of reworking the text and lettering placement.

For Marian’s triumphant return went out to a 3 lions breakfast–he’s a page
out of my scketchbook about it–I drew the first 4 panels and Marian did the last 4.

So I’ve been kicking around this idea–The currency of cool.

It’s like the gold foundation backing your paper cool.
The basis of what you like.

Art is such a subjective thing I feel like it helps to be coming from the
same place.A frind of mine asked me “who’s to say what is good and what isn’t” I feel like you need to come to a certain agreement to even have a conversation about something.
Like if someone can’t see the value in a moebius or KRS–then
it’s like trying to spend Pesos in Amsterdam–you can’t even deal.


I went over to James and Marley’s and grabbed some of their pages to show here–


I like this title page he did with the dudes that build the statues from issue one–

This guy on the lower panel is the character is the NORMAN based off our comics godfather
Justin “moritat” Norman–.

And the top panel– when I saw the page I asked James– “what’s the Skrubz?”
he says back–“A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly / And is also known as a buster”

Along with the Orcstain pages I also stole his shopping list.
James eats like a 12 year old on death row getting his last meal
with no adult supervision.

(i like t-boz best)

And Marleys new Forgetless pages– (I find it hilarious how hard it can be to remember that books title sometimes)

I really like that 6th panel with the girl hiding under the trash bags.

Also I got some awesome Giannis Milonogiannis pages–
I feel like Giannis is using a form of 80’s tender I can deal in–
those Toryama/Gibson/shirow dollars

He did this scene from Blade runner as a page.

and more of his own stuff–sooo good.

Here’s his deviantart–

And here’s some stuff by Mr jorge f. muñoz– His stuff also seems rooted in some
80’s comics love. I really like the contrast here between all the lines of the robot
and the simple clean dude lines.

And these great 2 toned Yonkuma pages.

I’ve barely dipped into Yonkuma but it’s like 100 pages you can read here:

This last week I got a copy of Shirow’s first Ghost in the shell with the sex scene in it.
I should qualify this by saying, when I was 15 and first saw this it got burned into my brain.
and because this scene was cut from the origonal translation I had to wait 18 years for the dialog on this right page:

“where’d you find an equalizer with up to 5 times the number of tactile transformation zones?”
how am I suposed to masterbate to that?

I remember when it first came out in english a friend of mine coming over from the comic store pissed. He handed me the issue like “i dont even want it anymore..”
With this panel replacing the sex scene–

For some reason even after going to all the rouble to get Shirow to draw a new panel
the dialog in that version still aludes to the sex.

Good thing there are no men involved –in that relaxing on a boat…

And because there isn’t enough porn on this internet–here’s the 2nd page of the scene.

the page on the right is from a fan comic. Some dude took the 2 page sex scene and made it into a 20 something page long fan comic–It’s like a Marvel comics “what if: the sex scene was never interupted?!!”—-Ex-sexior!

Also, I still dont know what the fuck is up with her arm–

speaking of Shirow here’s an Appleseed book 4 style Deunan kit-

You can see the whole process it was put together up here:

–here’s some baseball manga from the first shonen jump I ever bought.
This Lj is the mind of a teenage boy –uhhhh sex scene and then try to think about baseball–

STREET PUNKS messing with an innocent schoolgirl–so our high wasted hero wastes no time with his ball girl to save her.

I remember seeing baseballs drawn this way to show movement .as a kid seeming so new and foreign to me. I guess it is a pretty manga way to
show it.

That ball girl is great. I like how she comes in with his tools when
needed and then claps at the end. I like her enthusiasm.

I remember years ago when I was making animated commercials in NYC , trying to
get the bosses to replace the producer who was just getting in the way
with a cheerleader. Someone who just went around telling us that we were doing a great job.
A ball girl if you will. –That sounds creepier than i mean it.

Here’s some old comic covers.–oh man that one has Grey and Yas–

And some Project A-ko covers.
I really like how they do the reflections in A-ko’s eyes.
And that hair is so smooth.

I was thinking how crazy it is about what hits you as a kid will always be with you
as the coolest thing ever. You can hand a 10 year old a comic and fuck up his world forever.
That is some seduction of the innocent.

I feel like I might’ve put this one up here before–Look at the eyes on the
computers. This comic seems like it’s about the rapture.

Look at this ship on the left–I’m so into that popsicle shaped dome in the
front of it.–and this Amazing cover–proving that circles make everything look
like it’s from the future.

These old Spirou books always have the best vehicles.

And I like these Loisel peter pan covers– I need to get some of these
in english. I love how his version has so much stank on it.

And here’s some manga studio pages. –looks like Takahashi on the left.
Some poor dude getting scolded while tring to work—homie needs a ball girl.

And some Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron –0000h naked robots.

I watched the 2nd season of that dollhouse this week where the same acrtess shows up. good shit.

and I will leave you people with some Silverhawks half squid half machine vehicle and some crazy airplane from the future.

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  1. sifadil says:

    Are you sure that the dialog in the page after the censored scene of Ghost in the shell is not edited in that version? According to this page : http://www.initialdave.com/animanga/shopping/gitschange.htm the dialog was edited to Batou getting seasick.

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