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It’s been one of those weeks where drawing feels like more work than I remember it.
I’m pushing through. I’ve been going over to Stokoe and Marleys place and
watching a lot of Buffy to deal. The sweaters they wear on that show are killing me.

Here’s a drawing I did for the back cover of King city 10–
It’s some of castmasters of yesteryear.

Sometimes I grow soo fond of characters after one drawing.
I could have some fun doing whole books about the 1920’s french catmaster lady and her Meow Haraja. I put the dates that they livd -I didn’t even have the heart to kill her off.

Here’s a couple of the extras I did for #10 cat and vehicles.

and Marian did a Catmaster for the back of 10 I love how she draws this gentelman cat.

I think King city 5 might be out this week.

And I just saw this —fucking comic book event!—-
–My pals Corey and Sheldon were arguing about football
and it prompted this from corey–

I I’m all about this comic book event.
super sayin’

Also John G did this great limited print for sale to benefit some of his fellow Clevelanders:

more about it up on John’s site.

I remembered this week that I based Joe’s early shirt in KC off
of what the dude inthe movie The Beach wears.

When I was first drawing KC i was really into the way that movie starts.
a guy getting a secret map. I would like it if that was the only
way they were allowed to start movies. I would never get sick of it.

Another KC thing I throw in a lot is Nagisa’s hair clip from Iczer one.

And I ran into this bunch of manga dude photos. I like seeing how the faces
relate to the work. I would like a whole book of pictures like this:

Anyone know who the guy on the lowest of lefts is –i like that drawing.

I was reading Erik larsen’s CBR artice (c b article) about
how american publishers could start to put out big 2000 AD/jump style books.
I think it’s a great idea. I would like to see it tried.

I was thinking was one way for America to have a shonen jump style anthology
would be for it to be all online Like and then collect each story in print after they rach 100 pages or so. -like a collborative version of what derek kirk kim does.
or what the Planet land dudes are already doing:


I’ve been reading Children of the Sea:
I really like how this character looks with her jacket that’s all patches and no shirt.

And Daisuke Igarashi–

He’s so good at enviroments and weather.
I was typing today that some of the most exciting manga is boring done
well. I guess it’s because subtlety is hard to pull off.

I like how he cuts out the backgrounds here for a panel.
just to cut out everything but the 2 characters.

It reminds me of something Dave Sim said about if you’re not doing a story with
just 2 peopel talking yu’re missing the essance of what’s human.

another thing I liked in this was seeing a real setting that I
recognized from another manga. Atsushi Kamijo’s Sex– I just read the sequal is called “After sex”.
Nice. I would have called it “afterglow” or “nap”

A comic with Kamijo’s character T-oy in some Graffitti page.
I think that’s toy, unless he’s just calling her that.

mad skills yo.

and here’s a young fujihiko hosono, dude is not afraid to put shoes on a chicken.
I can respect that.

And a crusher joe comic he did– I like that sun comics logo.
It speaks of good comics and orange soda.

a cartoon of his with a quality ninja pig.

And this !!!!

and here’s some Jean-Pierre Gibrat–Pretty french ladies. bon jour ladies.

The only thing I’ve read of his in english was his sexy lady Pinocio
comic called Pinoccia. I think he tits get bigger when she lies.
If he didnt draw so good that might seem less than classy.

Look at the smug look on his face–he knows what he did.
Lie tits indeed!

and some of his layouts:

and a couple pannels from a French skateboarding comic.
Fink and Cran? I hope that’s short for Crayon and not Cranberry.
Not that I dont like cranberrys.

And Gall force, I added a Kenichi Sonada. sexy no?

And some Toriyama Dr Slump. I like the invisable kid

And Toriyama Dragon Quest. WIZARD WARRIOR THEIF CLOWN!

And I finnaly looked up what the origonal Mario brothers 2 game looked like before
took it and made it into a mario game, Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic:

I have always wondered about that.

And here’s some old manga covers I thought were cool.
Homo Homo 7 might be the best comic tittle ever.


I dug up some Evalgelion porn comic by Isutoshi, the guy that did Slut girl (worst comic title ever).
I find his porn kind of vanilla
But I like his storytelling. this one ends with pregnancy–

Here’s some old 70’s art. An ad for pants on the left.

great on trips. jesus….

And SMUURRRFFSSSS! it’s like a where’s waldo statue.

I wonder if anyone has drawn all 100 smurfs?

And I thought this was cool.

And some comic themed signs.
City hunter bathroom and asterix wheel chair. for wheel.

Tin tin mural.

and now I wash dishes and then draw comix.

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