the next level and back.


I just woke up from a wine induced nap, I’m sober now and with no hangover
win/ win.
my life has been really good. outside our windows the sky has got
olympic spotlights Marian calls them skelleton fingers.
Claire said the city has gone disco.–i like that.

I ran into this on some japanese site and decided i needed to throw the
whole thing up here. It’s a promotional comic from Tamiya plastic model kit from ’82
Reminds me of reading about Moebius being asked to do his Stel and Atan comic for the car
company Citoen. It’d be fun to invent a fake product to do something like this for.

And this is some old fanzine cover I believe.

I’m really into the wizard in the corner with his mutherbox device
controling that awful evil pet robot dong.
and that kid in the background with the squid on his crotch looks like
he heard there was a party going on and just showed up.

And this!

These next ones are from some japanese magazine that I got when I was a teenager.
I gave them to mr Stokoe a couple years ago and had to steal them off his
wall to scan them. I feel like you can see a little of the influence of these in his Ork stain.

And this shit? what the fuck is this? I love this.

This kind of stuff reminds me how much great work these is out there.
So much unplundered comic book tresure.

Here’s a new King city page I did

Man, it’s an exciting art form this comic books.
I’m feeling like this tonight–

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