My sweet tropical sunday.


I’ve been recovering from being sick and reworking how I work.
Also also, I’m about to head down to Seattle to work and then hit up the Emerald city con
(March 13th & 14th) I’ll most likely be at the Image table.

Yesterday I did the 12th and final King city cover.

One of my main things recently is I stopped drawing in front of the computer.
I was feeling like it was slowing me down making me weak and making me too dependent on reference.
Mostly I’ve been drawing on my couch while listening to Raymond chandler audio books.

I was thinking, one of the things that can drag you down as an artist is thinking that it should get easy eventually. You think I`d know this but I always suprize myself at how it is always hard work.

and I hadn’t put up this 11th KC cover yet that Marian did–this one will be a wrap around

So this is what they all look like:

And here’s something I did for the French edition of KC’s French flaps.

and here’s some shizz out of my Lion sketchbook.
Iczer one, some drawings I did on a boat and off of photos and on the right that’s
the lady from the Black magic m66 cartoon.

and here’s some random later issue KC pages.

And I thought this was cool–Matthew Wise made the mug out of King city #5

And my dear sweet Marian has been drawing a ton recently.
Here’s a couple self portraits she did–first her as an old lady
and then as a goblin. I think there`s a charm in never drawing yourself too pretty.

Marian has moved her secret site where she talks little about comics and much about
her love of gentelman clothes and foods here:

And me and Marian did this series of drawings based off of
jepensequenonPoopmouth`s–double meme with my soulmate:

And at the end Marian has me draw the characters from the book Sunshine that
she loves.

And I had her draw Deunan from appleseed and Kei from the Dirty pair.

And here— Here are some mutherfucking comics I’ve been reading.

the book by Yoshihisa TAGAMI (of Grey fame) is pretty cool.
I like how much he plays with how cartoony his characters are.
Switching it up in almost every panel. His style is made of pure 80’s
manga stank. I like the tit diagram on this page.
and that black stuffed cat on the right-

And I was so thrilled to get this Winterworld collection.
the late Jorge Zaffino is an artist my pal Farel Darymple showed me
years ago. His pages have the looseness of great sketcbook work.
There’s something kind of sad about this being the first time the 2nd half of this book
has seen print.

I fucking love the main dudes pet badger RARA.

Also on Zaffino’s site they put up the Conan book he did with Dixon.
I think they’re the only team that’s gotten Conan as good as Big John Buscema and Roy Thomas

I`ve often thought about this panel. It`s like the essance of Conan.
His employer is trying to get Conan to say how good he has it and Conan wont give him anything.

Also this story has some of this type of comely wench action.

Here`s a map that I guess is from a 1985 world science exibition.
Either way its great.

And here`s some covers I like by Yoshitoh Asari of Wahhaman fame.
I imagine that fat robots crotchbox opens to a dick that jumps out at you like a
can of party snakes. ZOING!

and more.

I`m so into these Fujihiko Hosono drawings.

I don`t know too much about him, but the more of his work I see the more impressed I am.

And some Yas Crusher Joe.

And heres some good 80`s loose Macross art.

And AT LADY –paper doll, I thought this ran in JumpÉ
Seems like a damn sissy trick to throw paper dolls in a teenage boys manga.
At least she has a gun, but those flowers and sparkles have got to go.

Ok now I`m getting ready to head to Seattle– I`m bringing this copy of the
beach that Joe Decie sent me –with a cool cover he drew.

and when I return I`m going back into being a serious hermit.
I will get one of these sleeping bag suits and never leave it.

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