Kabumpo in Oz

Oh hello, please come in.

I’m back in the folds of my Vancover bathat after braving Seattle and the Emerald city convention.

Seattle is my nemesis but I had a really fun time and got a shitload of work done.

Here’s a Sexica commision I did.

And some sketchbook ish. That guy on the right has to check his watch since he can’t see the huge big ben on his head.

And Marian has been up to some Ice cold cool–She did all the FF tactics style costumes.

and more on her HCHOM:

At the con I got to hang out with Angie Wang who I’ve typed about on here before. the stuff that her and her friends are doing is amazing.

The picture on the left is from an illustrated fashion blog that
Angie just started.

And Angie inroduced me to some friends of her’s–

Natalie Nourgat’s stuff is on some Becky cloonan via Miyazaki–
This is the cover to her book about an airplane obsessed girl in a
town that wants her to just get married and cook.

And here’s some of her autobiographical comic.

I really like these pages about how she interacts with the cats
in the alley behind her place.

Her site’s here:

And Emi Leonox—.I like that cat next to her screaming the logo–

The book on the left, Perfecto Lonliness is about a girl who
gets the power to shoot energy out of her finger tips.
I really like this part where her friend tries to convince her to
shoot all these innocent creatures.

EMI’s site:

And they even were nice enough to put me in comics.
natalie’s on the left and Emi’s on the right–and she drew my pal Joe
Keatinge of Image comics fame too.

Also I got these new books from my Seattle homies–mr Corey Lewis
and Graffitti/Hip hop/comic book legend Mr Michael Hall

Here’s a video Corey made about the con with me in it making some
sharkniffe zz crack.

Another dude I met at the con was D.J. Bryant who gave me this
rad preview book of a story of his.
It’s like a classy Fantagraphics book but with porn scenes.

He’s got a bunch of cool nods in this book like this scene
playingoff an old Steve Ditko story:

Another great thing he pointed out is that every car in the comic is
based off of a transformer– That’s tracks on the left page.

More of DJ’s stuff here:


Also in Seattle I got this Urasawa book and a Sinner issue.

The Urasawa book mostly shows his layouts and photos of his studio.
I love seeing that shit.
I like this out of body experience shot of his studio.

In some other photos you can see that he keeps a shelf of Otomo books
right behind his head. I like to keep a copy of Dōmu over my heart.

And Sinner!
I don’t type enough about that book on here.
I read the issues that
fantagraphics translated in the 80’s and it was in some issues of Raw.
no detective comic has come close to impressing me as much.

I always liked the idea that the guys that made it –Munoz and Sampayo
started drawing a comic about NYC before they had even been to the states.

I like this hard boiled beginning with a Chandler book.

And my Pal Justin loaned me this new Moebius, Arzak book he picked up
in France. DUDE!

I guess this one is a black and white preview book of the color stuff.
But still even without the color–We walk this earth with comic book giants.

I like these pages, Arzak fixing his bird and a kid getting monsters out of a gameboy thing.

And here’s a Manara drawing of josephine baker.
It’s cool to see him do a pretty lady that isn’t his usual steeze.

And here’s some of the Garland cycle from Megazone 23

and a manga page I thought was cool–

3 by 3 eyes and a nausica poster I hadn’t seen.

The Rankin Bass Hobbit.

And I got a stack of the old Conan magazines from my pal Devin–this one
had more of Wendy Pini as Red Sonja.
I thnk its rad that she was doing this even when draing her amazing early Elfquest work.

Aside from all that I’m back to puttering away on the end of King city. And tonight hopefully I’ll get to some long overdue Barbarian Revenge page!

Also I should mention that King city 6 and Mr Stokoe’s Orc stain 2 should be out as of this Wednssssdayyyy. today.

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