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It’s been a long week. I’ve been doing a lot of side work and staying up as long as I can to push a pencil and then waking up to take off–repeat.
It’s nice, I tend to draw a lot more when I have to draw a lot more. I used to always tell myself “the more I draw the more I draw”

Here’s a page out of my sketchbook from tonight sitting around with Marian
at the cabin.

I’ve still been reading lots of comics, whenever I hear that people don’t have time to read comics I think that they are robots that never shit.
fuck that– I bet that robots that never shit read hella comics.
The other night I couldn’t sleep so I ended up reading old Dirty pair and Twilight x issues.
and I drew this–

I know it’s kind of what I normally draw, but I was really enjoying it.
There is some magic in drawing topless pictures of some of your favorite characters.

And then a couple days later ECNozmo off of deviantart sent me a note telling me about a new DP manga that’s in the works.

It’s based off the origonal Haruka Takachiho novels and drawn by Hisao Tamaki the dude that did the Star Wars A New Hope manga that Dark horse put out wirh the Adam warren covers.
I’m fighting back my nerd urges to be all “pff –that’s not how Yuri looks”
I liked the Star wars manga so I’m interested to see what dude does.
Plus those Kei and yuri grasping eachother hands looks hella hard to draw and I can respect that.
Here’s more on it:

And some more Yaz DP I hadn’t seen before.

And some warren while I’m going around the DP globe.
Am I the only one that draws Kei with a head band up in this bitch?

Reading the Warren issues again was rad. I really hope he comes back and does more someday.
AND in black and white-(those colors are ass.)

And keeping with shit that I was into since I was 15, I got the first DH Aliens series.
i’m all about these covers. I like how the one on the right has got a knife stuck into
what I assume is some titanium starships control panel.

Dude is clearly more concered with stabbing aliens photos than the quality of his control panel. —the other thing is, do you need a picture of what one looks like in order to fight them? Like you might run into a predator and be “man, was that the guy? Wish I had my photo.”

I really dig the feel of these issues Black and white(I’m am anti color tonight apparently)
And they still have that feel. That Aliens T2 Hasta La vista steeze.
Plus Mark A Nelson draws a mean alien.

that’s a more grown up Newt on the left.
It’s great how badass everyone in it is. Newt is in an insane asylum because her dreams are
driving her crazy. they don’t even tell you where Ripley is
and this is how they show off Hicks facial burns.

“you could say that”


So this is from 88 before the awful aliens movies started coming out.
Reading this made me wonder why no one has done any comics that ignore that shitty 3rd movie.
Revisionist aliens history.

Or even better, It’d be rad if someone adapted the William Gibson script into a comic.
You can read it here:

Chop chop planet earth, I’m gonna need something good to read on the toilet!

Also I dug out this old Silky whip porn comic.
For some reason I liked Oh great’s work so much more when he was
just doing porn. Seiously though–this unnecessary title page on the right–nice.

And here’s an especially nice scene. Nice blinds.

i like the post apocolyptic plot. that woman is a clone who cut her hair short and left her lover robot that destroyed the world. and now she’s fighting a newer copy of herself and her ex evil robot.

And I like these Bubble gum crisis drawings. Showing the new designs of the characters seeing the old Sonada ones. It really shows how much better the origonal designs are.–least I think so.

And some old Shirow. That page on the left was never in the version I read.
It’s so cool just seeing one more pae from that era I missed.
And I think the right hand page is from his old zine days.
Battle comic!

And some shirow influenced video game cover. I’d almost think it was him if the cars were
less bubblegum.

And I’ve been looking at this Fabien Mense dudes blog–who worked on that Lucha Libre
mexican wrestler comic that Image put out.
i like this drawing he did of some old anime shits he likes.

More here:

and some Orange Road art.

And I dug this up after my pal Claire mentioned that she had a Breast chaser robot.

fucking japan…

Aight. There’s lots more cool to type about but I gotta draw before I sleeeep.


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