dig deeper


I`ve been drawing lots for fun after a couple weeks of
heavy side work.

It`s funny where your brain goes when you are really just drawing for yourself and not even in the service of a story or print.
So I drew this Boxing bull and kid who plays video games.
That`s my friend Claires dog Happy on the low end of the drawing.

And here`s a chapter of the Barbarian revenge comic that Nikoli reads in
my Multiple warheads book. It was fun to limit the colors on it.

And here`s some stuff for the Clockwork girl movie.

And Marian got dragged in as well and did some amazing storyboards.

And some of the directoré creator of clockwork girl–Kevin Hanna`s boards–

And this week elephantmen 25 came out with pages by me, Marian our pals Sheldon, Moritat, Gabe, Andre.
Dave Gibbons is in the thing, its exciting to get published along side that dude–

And here`s my roughs for it.

Also Frank Santoro, who makes good comics and has smart things to say about
comics put up a thing about Danzig ripping off an Old
Michael Golden Crystar cover.

I`d seen the Danzig one, and not that I give a shit about Danzig but I thought it was a good skull and did one based off it in the next king city (8).

So this is my 2nd generation rip off of a Crystar cover.

Alsooo my pal Justin Moritat Norman had his first issue of the Spirit come out this week. I think this is the first book of his I ran to get
on the day it came out.–and my friends Gabe and Andre colored the thing.

I think these pages came out rad.

It`s always especially impressive since Justin draws the damn thing
smaller than print size.

And he put a cameo by this dude–getting hit on by some lady assassin.

This lower left Spirit eating a hot dog panel has been keeping me up at night.

Where have I seen that before–oh wurd—


Alsoooo I really like the new pages Mark Pearce has been putting up from his Ronin Dogs comic.

His characters seem to have a nice Wizards via Cheech wizard steeze to them.
Look at that Bode strut!

And this character set up–man I do enjoy seeing a skull with a beard.

(I can see your boobs.)

More of it here:

Also I got Lane Milburn`s Death Trap:

Fun crazy horror.
Ilike how this book mixes of 70`s manga and 80`s horror comix
into a whole new animal.

There`s more on it here:

also also— I got some Now comics Terminator books from `88
before T2 even came out!

Just like with that pre Alien 3 Aliens comic, I`m all about seeing how these ideas
were handled before they solidified into how we think of them now.

The main difference in it is a good human looking robot from the moon
named Konrad.
These covers are so good.

It makes me think of how far comics could go with `what if`
i`ve always thought the Marvel what if comics were such bullshit because its not like
any of its real anyway, why do you have to state that it isnt actually even fake happening?

I read a great one drawn by Stroman that was–what if where the Gamma explosion that made the Hulk went off in a city making
thousands of Hulks– That is a fucking cool idea. Why not just actually do it?

As much as I usually shit on comics and movies crossing over, it would be cool to play
what if with another genres toys. Like itd be cool to see another less fucking awful version
of what the Star wars clone wars looked like. I know that`s all dealing with licenses and
it`d be hard to get left alone to do anything cool. I`m just saying, that`s my what if.

I got some used manga last week–
A Kazushi Hagiwara Bastard art book.

I really like the mix of tight characters and loose lettering on these.
It`s got some stank on it.

And here`s a drawing of his studio–called `studio loud in school`
I would like it to be required for all comic artists to have to make a drawing like this.

and “Gyorosu Taitei no Souon Kikai” on the left and darc—–

D`arc is like if someone threw some sex into a Miyazaki book.
Its a Joan of Arc manga drawn by Katsuya Kondō who worked on Kiki`s delivery service
and Totoro and all kinds of shit.

He`s got some great scenes in here of the characters enjoying smoking and drinking.
That stuff always makes comics better.

“Gyorosu Taitei no Souon Kikai” is by Katoh Hiroyuki & Gotoh Keisuke–

This book has so many cool ideas in it. I`m all about this tower trolley and
why have i never seen a dragon with a flame thrower before thisÉ it seems so obvious.

and I like these totem pole telephone poles.

And you know. fish with tank turets and legs.

I feel like I`ll have to study this book for a month to get it all.
There`s stuff like an upsidedown castle that`s reflection is right side up
and a whale that swims through tree tops.

Books like that really get me excited about all the possibilities still
untapped in comics—-in anything.—- It`s fucking wide open.

And here`s this fantastic Breez Evahflowin rap about Millers Dark knight.

I fucking love how deep this dude is. when Breez Evahflowin talks about Batman you even get the panel he means–
`I kick it to the chin like an iron clad sneaker–

I want a whole album of nothing but this.

`Thinkin like Bruce gotta dig a little deeper—-

Oh and just as I write this I got what the cover of the first French KC book will look like.

and if you look closer–FRENCH!

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2 Responses to dig deeper

  1. Cecil Fish says:

    “Like itd be cool to see another less fucking awful version of what the Star wars clone wars looked like.”

    Hell yeah. This is the first thing to come to mind (especially since looking at all the old McQuarrie paintings and stuff – overly careful study of Making Of books and the old movies and stuff confirm the story was gonna be different… better?). Did you ever see the old Star Wars Galaxy cards from the… early 90s? Some of them had truly cool stuff going on – visually original takeoffs on the concept. The Enki Bilal drawing of Anakin and Amidala and the Vader Zardoz head (you posted it somewhere else) is from a book that’s pretty much a more recent version of the same concept.

    Yeah I picked a weird thing to comment on but I just found your blog and am fast becoming a fan.

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