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My King city #8 and Mr James Stokoes Orcstain 3 are out this week–
also our homeslice steve has his 2nd ghost project book out from Oni.
comics comics comics–

Things have been good, I’ve been having a good time working on
the final King city pages. I don’t know if I mentioned it on here
but I rewrote the ending and cut out a scene.
Man, a balanced deadline is important, you want to feel like you shouldn’t slow down but also have time to draw as much as it takes to
get it right. I have become a fan of a well placed deadline.

Here’s some panels from upcoming King city—

In that crowd is Million man mark who I did a short thing on in one of the early issues.

And some sketches– mix of sleeze and clouds.
I want to name some comic I do with that FU UP logo.
I was happy that it reads both top to bottom and left to right.

Marian drew those little fat versions of herself wih a floating
muffin crown. And the blue girl i drew off of one of Mr Barnaby wards characters.
He’s in town this week–working on the Clockwork girl movie too.

And I did these for Marians HCHOM site.

after she announced it was hermit week.
I suspect it will be hermitt month followed by hermitt life.

She’s just started working on a Vertigo Madame Xanadu issue,
and our homie Marley Zarcone is also doing an issue.
(I think Marley is issue #24)

And yesterday I got some brunch with mr Simon Roy, who did
that rad Jan’s Atomic Heart book.

Here’s some pages from his next big thing, Dead lands.
I really like how he does those brushy panel boarders on the lower
right page.

and more here:
and some Atomic heart pages:

I’ve gushed about both of them on here before but I’m so fucking excited about the work Simon and his pal Giannis Milonogiannis
are doing. Partly because it feels like they are both doing work
in line with what first got me excited about comics.

I like to complain about the gap between good new artists and publishers
I hope to one day become old and feared where I can just nudge companys
to publish dudes like these. Do my bidding comics!

Man, Giannis kees just putting finished books out.
Here’s some pages from his newest, Old city blues.
Look at those mean streets:

And you can read the whole first issue here:

Back in my comic book life.
I stole another one of Stokoes grocery lists that he send Marley out

I told him that putting these on the internet was the best way to
shame him.

Also I just read this Dirty pair porn Dojin that had some
good driving panels that reminded me of the Giannis stuff.

the whole thing is up here:

And i like dr dudes reaction face on the left of this.
rough town..

And this week I got the new Terminator comic.
I like it so far.

Andy Macdonald is always good and even though I feared Zack Weadon
he seems to be on the same kick with this as the Sara conner Tv show
that I dug. I like that he shows dude taking out the chip the
way they showed in earlier T ish.

And my pal Kevin loaned me this Russle Patterson, tophats and flappers book.

I was working on a new love and hate list last night and had the
1950’s on there (then i rememberd NASA–nasa i cant be mad at you)
20’s and 30’s stuff might be on my love list.
the fur coats and flappers!

That stuff always reminds me of this Jeves and wooster scene:

And here’s some GeGeGe no Kitaro cut aways.

and a masahisa suzuki drawing from Heinlein’s starship troopers drawing.

Heinlein manga would be the best thing ever. If I controled the universe with an iron fist
I’d want a Friday or The moon is a harsh misstress manga.
chop chop!

and 3 patoraiza’s cover, i like these orange and greens.

and some covers I thought were cool.

80’s porn manga lemon people and gunhed

Gunhed is one of those things that I got when i was a teenager, there’s both a
movie and a Kia Asamiya comic. both never made much sense
to me, but it was fun to figure it out in two mediums.

and the trailer.

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