Obese but fatter


It’s another lazy sunday of drawing comics and rap music.
King city is puttering along towards the end. I haven’t scanned any of the newest chunk yet.
Here’s a page out of my schechbook.

And my dear sweet Marian has been putting more wants and needs up on her Hchom.
Here’s some jackets on her goblin self portrait.

alien rife scope likes flan.
He’s a flan of it.

Barnaby ward has been in town working on the Clockwork girl movie.
I like that dude and he’s doing some really impressive work for the movie.
You can see more of his stuff here:
All of his stuff is drawn on a computer. I really can’t tell anymore.

Also my pal Marley just finished her last Forgetless pages.
They look so fucking good. Muggles does a seriously mean page layout.
Her gentelman James Stokoe drew the Jive turkey poster on that page on the right.

Even though Muggles is moving onto fat stacks of Vertigo work and comic book fame and fortune. I’ll miss the forgetless pages. I sincerely hope whatever high print run book she ends up with in the future has as many gap toothed snarkey bitches in it as this.


And my pal Andre Szymanowicz just sent me this King city comic he did.

more of his stuff here:

I just got the Pop gun war preview book that my meathaus homie, Farel Dalrymple put out.
Farel is amazing.
I really like the way h uses white space on these pages–

And I got Michael Deforge’s Spiderman book peters muscle.
This Spiderman talking to Dr strange as a shrink is rad.
and the scarry fucking foxtrot cthulu shit!


Last week my pal Joe Keatinge was in town. Mr Inkstuds took us both to visit
local animation legend Marv Newland. storyborder on Barbapappa among other things–
I origonally knew his stuff from seeing this when I was a kid:

Mr Newland was cleaning out his studio and let us walk away with fat stacks of origonals and books.
I really like this 1986 Vancouver magazine art he’d done.
He draws cars like 90’s fat sneakers:

Also in the 80’s Marv had hung out with Osamu Tezuka in Japan and got a bunch of signed books
from him. He gave me this book with a fucking drawing of might atom by
the dude himself:

I owe him my liver or first born or first borns liver now.
a long family line of livers will be sent.

Also while Mr Joe Keatinge was here we were kicking around a list of comics
we’ll never see but would like to.— I think some of these were mr inkstuds too.

The list is long and offensive here’s some of the high(low)lights.
I should qualify this by saying these are awful.

Wonder Woman, by Adam Warren– I think it’s been said a lot that Wonder woman has become
fucking milquetoast woman– and DC needs to just accept what she is (just like batman and superman being wicked gay)and let Adam warren do an Empowered style bondage comic with
WW as polyamorous and polygraph using character that would make Dr. William Moulton Marston proud. Excelsior!

Ant, by Terry Dodson– well drawn ass.

Iron Man, by Moebius– but he’d have to write it so it’s better than that Stan lee silver surfer dialog.—also I was thinking he’d do
a good Saga of Crystar.

Dr. Strange, by Ditko (Now)– loco essay

Stokoe’s silver surfer– it’s already started even.
Chop chop Marvel.

Neuromancer by Masamune Shirow– cyberpunk gold!

Rhubard the Millionare Cat by JOE MOTHERFUCKING KEATINGE–you had to be there.

Kamandi by Alex Nino

Reboot by Brendan McCarthy –he designed the characters and all.
Although watching this video makes me think it should just be called
how to ruin Brendan McCarthy art with CG.

Conan the Barbarian by Marian Churchland.
I do fully believe that my girlfriend draws the best Cimmerian since
John Buscema.

Teen Titans by Mike Allred.

Maus III: Return to Mauschawictz by Dave Cooper– I think we might’ve been drinking.

Legion of Superheroes by Seth Fisher

American Splendor by Johnny Ryan–This one is just shit talking really.

Doom Patrol by Jamie Hewlett

Will Eisner’s The Spirit by Kyle Baker. I think if anyone could know what the fuck to do with
the character Ebony it’d be Baker.

Post Apocalyptic Batman by Moritat

New Mutants forever by Marley Zarcone. I want to see her draw like the first year NM.
Warlock and Cypher and Wolvesbane and shit.

Excalibur Forever by Jose luis Garcia Lopez. –This would be rad
Garcia Lopez makes everything look better than you thought it ever could.

Gold Digger, written by Joss Whedon, Illustrated by Joe Wight-or just more Twilight X by Wight.

Fantastic Four by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Ninja High School by R. Crumb–
Little mousey dude pursued by tough fighting women.
It’d really be like 300 pages of piggyback rides.

Haunted Tank by Jaques Tardi

Deadpool by Gary Panter

Jimbo by Rob Liefeld

Sin City by Munoz & Sampoyo— because.

Captain America by Frank Miller

Peepshow by Corey Lewis– action centric autobio masterbation done right. corey?

Batman & The Outsiders by Sheldon Vella.
This one might be abuse. Sheldon can make anything look good and the
Outsiders costumes are retarded.

Amazing Spider-Man by Jaime Hernandez

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs by Geof Darrow

The Hand vs Daredevil by Eastman & Laird– I have been ideas on this one–
basicly it’s from the point of view of the hang loose pizza eating beer drinking
Hand ninjas who live in fear of some crazy blind dude who keeps fucking with them.
And the best Pizza in new york is in his turf. HELLS KITCHEN!
I think it’d be rad.

Alpha Flight by Bryan Lee O’Malley– Canadian Abuse.

Badrock by Mike Mignola

Power Girl by Dave Sim– tits and lettering.

Omega Men by Howard Chaykin

Bozz Chronicles by Kaluta –or just more Bret blevins!

(this one is just my fault) Peace corps work by Greg land, scotty young and Jeph Loeb. seriously get out of comics and go do something more productive you sad sacks.

Cerebus by John Bucsema

Sha-Day the Chaning Man

Sandman Mystery Theatre by Windsor McCay

Northstar/Kitty Pryde: Pryde Parade by Tom of Finland

Bondage Fairies by Herge

New Gods by Brandon Graham– This was Joe’s idea. Personally
I think taking on hard core Kirby characters just makes the artist look
like a fat vegas elvis impersonator next to the real thing.
I’m looking at you Pope.

Mr Joe Keatinge has been writing good shit about comics for the fine folks at Neon Monster:

And I got some comics.
I’ve got a massive stack of quarter bin comics that will feed this Livejournal device for
months to come but more on those later.

This might be one of the only comics I’ve bought for the cover:
I’m a gentelman.


And another book I got from Mr Newland is this 1982 Betty Manga.

It’s got this deceptive cheezedick sailor cover and an amazing
back cover. I like the mickey mouse run.

It has a chunk of Miyazaki watercolor pages in it.
sherlock hound?

And a story by Hideo Azuma who did that great disapperance diary book.
I like how he draws a robot cactus.

and i like the intro to this Hiroshi Hara–the man with the
magnetic shoes.

And there’s even a story in here where they fight by throwing brains at eachother.
That is how you party.

And a page I liked the blinds on–and on the right is me last week
in Corey Lewis’s basemant studio holding my own urine.
proud papa.

And I’ll leave you with this awesome Adam Warren Appleseed drawing.

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One Response to Obese but fatter

  1. mikey907 says:

    That is a Mark Beachum Samuree cover right?
    I think he did some pervy lady version of Rebel comics Faust character too. Pre X-23.
    Quarter bins are awesome.

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