comic book almanac


Look at this horrible gluten bear!

That thing plauges me everytime I go to the fancy grocery store my lady shops at.
Fucking gluten bear!
clearly geneticly engineered by some scientist with no code of ethics.

Things have been cool. I had a couple days of just drawing for fun.
Here’s a pin up I did for my pal Corey Lewis’s Seedless comic that Image is putting out.

She’s got a bannana taped to her leg so she can have a fried bannana when she lands.
I think I was trying to chanel old Ninja high school Asral robot boots in that.

And here’s a sketchbook drawing of a park near my place.

I’ve been trying to go outside and draw more, keeps me sane.

And the Clockwork girl movie is still going along, I’ve been only working on it a couple days a week so I can get back to my comic drawing.

The last couple weeks I’ve been doing designs on it.
This is a for a cloak that I don’t think will end up in the final thing.

And here’s one of the buildings, the final thing has a lot of plants
that I drew sepreatly.

And at the same time I was doing that my dear sweet Marian has been
doing a shitload of Goblin designs on her Hchom site.
This cutaway Goblin knoll is so rad.

I knoll!

Lots more here:
Shes got a whole series of goblin clothes shes been working on.
It’s so cool.

And Simon Roy has been finishing up the Clockwork girl storyboards.
Here’s some pages from a short crime comic he drew that Mr Ed Brisson wrote

you can read the whole thing here:

And here’s some Giannis Milonogiannis pages that he’d sent me awhile back.
It’s called the collector.
It’s his attempt at doing a Moebius style thing where he made it up as he went along.

And Giannis has a 2nd old city blues up here:

And I got some comics this week.
I never wrapped my head around Fusion when it was coming out.
It’s about future space mercenaries but it had a ton of different people drawing the thing.
it feels like indy anthropmorphic dudes making a run at something more mainstream.

More importantly Im all about this cover with an otter in a space suit.

it’s got a bunch of different 80’s indy cats drawing it–steve gallacci of Albedo fame
Lela dowling –who I just know from designing the Dirty pairs cat sidekick in the
Warren version. and Ken Mackalin who did a rad book about a cat and rabbit in the future called Contracters. –and Phil Foglio who I know from his xxxenophile porn empire.

And the last generation–check out this future compound the issue starts with:

I havent read the saga of the man elf mostly I’m just glad someone had the nerve to name a comic that. sometimes I title is enough to sell a book to me.
and the toryama thing is just something I found on this internet.

Also I’ve been playing some Heinlein audio books while drawing–Starship troopers
i pretty rad. I wish I’d read it before seeing the –__– movie.
Japanese Heinlein covers–

I love that moon is a harsh mistress.

And i think the book on the left here is called Esperspy
I think dude in the turben is just going to see how the fight plays out.

I’m all about the logo on this robot mag–and gundam the ride.

Also I like these early Aeon flux , Peter chung drawings.

And this is a wooden model that they built for the Rock and rule movie.

And some southern cross –the Robotech middle child.
I like her in that space suit on the right just chilled out on a giant pink hand.
I have no idea who invited the DC dorks.

And these serious old school back to the future top gun nerd cosplayers. badass.

And some Kenichi sonada art I hadn’t seen.
Him drawing sexy lady versions of the Star blazers dudes.

Did he need to do one of the bald old scientsist?
you think that i-q9 is a lady robot?
If I had the ear of some major insitute of learning I would try to talk them into a
study of this thing where if dudes like something they need a sexy lady version of it.
“I like wolverine but what if he were a hot chick I could have sex with?”
They even made the female woverine an underage hooker to facilitate it.

They call her X-23 but my guess would be more like x-15 if shes an x-day.

I was talking to a friend of mine about it all and how we fall victim to it
at least on the lesser crime of liking to see our girlfriends in our clothes.
(marian sleeps in my old tin tin and Albedo shirts–awwwww)
It’s all so fucking Ranma.


Anyway here’s some Utiyama Aki pages. i really like the hats on the left and
whatever ginocological illogical shit is going on on the right.
that aint right.

Also this week I’ve been listening to endless Yelawolf on loop.
Such good shit. Years ago I would always talk about how I just wanted to listen
to gas station rap-its rad to hear southern hip hop that sounds southen and
isnt just on some “I like wresteling pigs but I also like gold” bullshit-

And here’s some Kirby Krackle the band of Jim Demonakos who runs the Emerald City ComiCon and The Comic Stop. deep nerd rock.

more here:

and I’ll leave you with the Moomin theme.

Sing the best song ever heard..

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