each and every page

The above drawing of of the room in Bathat that I draw most of the time in these days
The beating heart of my comic book empire.

The exciting news this week is Marian got nominated for the Russ Manning Award.

Here’s a Conan pin up I did for the nice folks at Dark horse to run in a future issue.
I love how the old Savage sword Magazine would start with the map and the quote:

Cimmeria is on the map right under the text banner.
I fucking love drawing Conan.

Also I wanted to put a comic i did up, I did this story last year for Oni press in
the Resurection universe it ran in issue 5 and is in the collection.
I figure anyone who would see it that way has seen it by now.

It was an attempt for me to do a comic without all the jokes I normally use as a crutch:

Also out this wendsday (the 9th) is my King city issue 8, with the board game
finnaly making it to print:

There’s a preview of the issue up here:

And some gentelman saint put my pal Sheldons Supertron comic up on a site that isnt Zuda
since Zuda harder to get through than the the Minotaurs Labyrinth

And naniiebim did this fantastic drawing of the Water alien from King city.
I really like the pose she used. and airplane.

More of her stuff here:

I finished listening to the Heinlein Starship troopers audio book.
I really like Heinlein, i i like his self made man politics if if I don’t always agree with them they are well thought out and have an intelligence and style behind them.

Here’s a drawing by Aramaki Shinja of the ST anime.

That book and thinkng about how it’s been adapted really made me think about how people handle storytelling.
the book flowed like real life might people come in and leave and not everything
has a masive climax or resolution. In both the boring ’88 anime and the shitty movie they went out of their way to push the Romance between Rico and Carmen where in the book its just not resolved.

I was reading about the critism that Heinlein got for it one of the comments was that he had forgotten to insert a story. i feel like story is nice and all but I think it’s important to
play with the idea of what a story can be. a lot of the time the kind of movie/epic structure just makes things more predicable and boring.

I want more stories that just happen in a way that a life might.
It seemed to me that Heinlein was making Science fiction based off of his views of the world
and it’s strength comes from that where I feel the adaptions were all based off of other movie structures with nothing real in them.

I always feel like reading books is the best way to learn how to write better, at the same time I’ve started to feel like a lot of modern movies actually make people worse writers.
Fucking brain cancer braaa.

i was thinking today how cool it would be if they made a Dr who episode where he just hung out in the Tardis and talked about his past with someone. For me that’d be infinatly more exciting than any monster of the week.


Here’s an R-type looking cover. I like how that ship looks like it was made out
of halogen lights.

And dirty pair I dont post nearly enough dirty pair.

It’s late and I’ve done 2 less pages this weekend than I planned.
Comics always seem to take longer than I plan. But i’m having fun.
The end of King city really has me thinking about what and where I can go with Multiple warheads.

yes, lots to think about.

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