if comics kills it


Things have been good, I’m trying out a new drawing schedule where I’m going to start working on comics every day at 6pm until zzzzzzz. Its the same schedule I was on when I did my first 3 issue thing at 19. But I think back then it was partly based on when the bad consprecy theory and sex advice radio talk shows were on back before we all lived in the future.

King city is going good, I’m at the fun end pages so I wont show any yet. I’m not sure If I mentioned it yet but the last KC (#12) is 40 pages long.

Mr Inkstuds is letting me put some long rants on some of my favorite comics tricks
on his site for the next couple weeks:

And also mmmmmmmMarian, my lovely lady has got her offical serious art site up:

Here’s a picture of her I drew for it.

they keep trying to pull her back in!

And here’s the back cover Marian did to my King city issue 11.
It’a always exciting to see her fine take on my characters.

And a pencil drawing I did to send off with a late commision.
This and the robotech/akira thing at the top.

And here’s a sketch of my neiborhood.


Josh Tierney sent me a link to his fantasy comic, that has a shit load of good artists involved including mr Giannis Milonogiannis (of OLD CITY BLUES fame) who I like to type about on here.

Here’s a couple panels from a scene drawn by Sourya Sihachakr.
really nice stuff.

and more here:
and here’s some lupin veicle stuff I thought was cool.

and some 80’s toy ads based off of akira toriyama ish.
I think I like the ads more than the toys–although that Bulma motorbike is pretty fucking good.

And this deep space looking science fiction animation cover:
This makes me long for the days when heavy metal wasn’t the same um pum tit shit every cover.
you make me blue, blue space ship cover–

And robotechery

I like how this Dancougar drawing is straght out of a 10 year old boys head.

And here’s an 80’s Jamie Hernandz flier. I really like that line.
“If the scene sucks it’s because you suck” Thinking about that in relation to comics really
lights a fire under me. makes me want to try to make what I want to read.

Now I sleep, It’s marians B day and I think there’s plans.
Also I just saw Marleys finished Vertigo pages for Madam Xanadu and Stokoes 4th Orc stain
shiz tonight. Those guys make good comics.

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