Canada is hot.

Here’s a Sexica pin up I did. I had fun pasting in the japanese text out of a photo magazine.

The pinup will run in Mike Vega’s Ichigo girls book that he’s selling at the San diego con.
Mike has got some good artists lined for the book, I think it’ll be cool.
here’s Mike’s cover:

And just for shits after seeing the redesign of Wonder womans costume I took my own stab at it.
I’m not too thrilled with the drawing but my idea was to mostly stick with what I like about her suit but make it less American– Since she’s Amazonian or whatnot.
It’s all Greek to me.

Also It was WW’s 69th birthday and I was disaponted at how long it took me to find
any sleazy 69ing drawings to send people. Chop chop internet!

Also I went over to Stokoes place this week and fought these half penciled Aliens
pages he drew just for kicks out of his sweatty hands. With his monthly schedule who knows if or when he’d finish these but they’re so fucking cool.
It’d be rad to see a whole Aliens book by him.


the new issue of my book is out this week:

The deamon king shows up again:


And James 4th Orc stain is just about out and Marleys first ever Vertigo book is OUT!

Marley did a really fantastic job on the guts of this book. She colored it too.
Her layouts are so impressive.

I should mention that she didn’t write it ,
“how come you never hang on D’corner wid us no mo?”
Are there no black people up at DC? Are there no people who have met black people up at DC?

And here’s some of James Orc stain pages–it is a fine fine orcstravaganza:

He drew 77 dicks in this 2 page spread. Dick for dick it is by far your best dollar for dick comic value on the stands.

A stand up dick comic!



I’ve been re-reading Finder this week.
I love this book so much.
I’m so impressed by Carla Speed Mcneil’s ability to create such a deep interesting culture and
then lay great stories on top of it all casual like it was nothing.
I really like this scene:

You can read more on her site:

And I got a quarter bin Magik issue drawn by my favorite Conan artist Big John Bucema!
He always seems to get most into drawing epic fantasy scenes.
I like this Kitty pride taking down a 2 headed Saber-toothed cat with a dagger.

And then afterwards she gets all Conan riddle of steel about it.

And some other comics I got:

–The last zombie is pretty good so far, Mostly I’m just excited to see
Joe twighlight X Wight drawing some mutherfucking tanks again.

I really liked all the batshit crazy elements in this fine tale of Doom
taking over the earth using a purple dude inside a giant crystal to control everyone and end war, hunger and apartheid.

Just on this page alone you get Ion powered super being Wonderman locking up his
shitty station wagon while Mocking bird mocks us all by ruining a perfectly good pizza and Tigra trying to pass of Garfield as a real real book

And I like how DOOM does up the white house with his serious doom chair and future desk and has that male stripper Namor stand around in his skivies. That is how you run a nation!

Alright , alright before I get into the Manara Xmen, Xwomen book I want to rant for a hot minute.
As a fan of porn and former comic book pornographer I don’t find any shame in the the stuff but I think it’s important to note that Manara goes much deeper than just that,
I think he’s one of the best to ever make comics.

that said– As my lady pointed out this Xwomen book isn’t how anyone should be introduced to Manara.
I did enjoy it, part of it for me is just seeing Manara draw the Xmen, it’s like seeing the moebius Silver surfer even though the Stan lee script was shitty compaired to what Moebius
would have done alone. It’s like that again.

but yeah, this book is hella sexed up. Even the X of the logo is about to be penatrated
while the O already has a fist in it.

A lot of the Claremont shit in this just cracks me up.
You have fucking Milo Manara willing to draw anything you write
a dude who before has worked with Fellini and Pratt –and Claremont has him
drawing Storm doing Tina Turner Karioke

Granted in his position I might’ve been tempted to have wolverine belt out some Steel claw.

And the ads and over rendered coloring I wish weren’t in it.
His good lines look soooo much better if you just let them carry the art.

And man when you remember that Psylocke is a british woman cosplaying
in a braindead chinese womans skin this dragon lady outfit is kind of jacked– plus its funny how little Psylock looks like herself as soon as someone actually draws her as looking asian.

I did really like this cutaway shot of the villans escape tube.

–So yeah, ideally I would have liked to see Manaras xmen be something more like him writing his own Wolverine book with some of the other characters showing up.
As a Manara book I like it more than his WWW or Gulliveriana but no where near his best stuff like the Bergman books or Butterscotch—I think its about the level of his- Pranese The Prison Planet.

About a Red Soja on the Conan Scale–

And since I mentioed it here’s a cool example of moebius layout and finals for a Silver surfer page

And a Cleopatera DC cover.

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