belly of the beast


Things have been good, nicely busy.

Marian won the Russ Manning award for best new beast this year.
We were both deep in deadlines so we skipped the award show and got
our pal Marley to pick it up. Marley is a saint and deserves huge pies.
cat pies!

I think Marley had fun at the massive San diego con after everyone loved
her impressive work on madam xanadu. Marley is gearing up to rule the universe with an iron fist.

and even more important, Marian made a list of her loves and hates:

more on her site:

Also yesterday young and talented, Michael Deforge who does the comic Lose was in town, Robin had us on his
Inkstuds radio show along with Frank Santoro, a dude I have immense repsect for from his
writing on Comics comics and his cold heat books.
You can hear it here:

And here’s a Orc stain cover that Michael did for #9 of James fine Orcstravagaza–

And me and Marian went out on a speed boat and saw some bizzare shit with an air show and a boat being exploded like it was a firework.

I’m headed down with Simon Roy in a couple days to go see Portland for a floating world signing (on the 5th) and so i can make big plans with Oni about my color Multiple warheads series.

Right now Marian is off finishing up her Madam Xanadu on some far away cabin.
and she’s got an Elehantmen issue that she wrote and our pal Justin (moritat) is drawing coming out.

I havent seen any of the art yet but im really interested to see what happens when those 2
do something together.

I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook lots– here’s some of it.

This one was for my pal Sabina’s web site that I still need to do a couple more drawings for

And I managed to gank a couple recaent sketches Stokoe did.
His feelings on the Predator series–



Also John Kantz who did the backgrounds for Mal’s last Scott Pilgrim book
Has just moved up to Seattle — just across the boarder from my canadian outpost.
John is doing some of my favorite work on earth, I hope the sucess of the SP book
gets that dudes work out there more.

Here’s one of his backgrounds from the SP book.
It’s so cool to see it as a real place and how he did it up.

He wrote me this about his process in making it–

“So in this drawing, the buildings and street stuff were a photo trace over in photoshop. The face was drawn straight in photoshop. The tones were done by painting in grayscale and then bitmapping the gray tone layers… (usually I prefer to paste in tones that are made beforehand and chip away at them with layer masks.)”

Here’s some of his own work.
he draws amazing cars–

And comics–

and comics about cars-

He’s got a couple comics out through Antarctic press.
and you can read a bunch here:
and here:

And Here’s a Molly Millions from Neuromancer drawing that giannis milonogiannis did.
So cool to see.

And also his 4th Old city blues is up.

This one seems especially Shirow infuenced.

And speaking of Shirow, I saw this photo of his drawing devices in a Dark horse
Ghost in the shell preview:

I got this quarter bin book, Magical mates this week.
I don’t know if this is a joke by the translators but apparently this character
is really into BJ’s

The story is some basic salor manga BJ BS and the american cover is so bad that I don’t
even want my scanner to see it for fear that it will lose all respect for me.–
but the paneling in the book is fantastic.

Look at thos batshit crazy 3 panels inside one panel that they do on the top left of this page.

And I like this page where the characters are in such a hurry that they’re running over all the other panels.

Also this week I’ve been reading a book by Jeanette Winterson called Art objects.–
I like the pun title.
It’s really making me think about what art in a different bigger way.

Marian has been deep into her writing for years but what really peaked my interest was
seeing her on some british talk show talking about the kick ass comic being bullshit.
The enemy of bad comics is my friend and all.

Here’s a great video with Winterson talking about art–

And here’s the Kyle Baker, KRS one Break the chain video that we talk about in the
Inkstuds episode.

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